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This story is a sequel to A State of Darkness

The only currency in war is life, but at the end of it all, what matters is having friends at your side. That is what was spoken in the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Manehattan. We had forged a new peace with the griffons. We had prevented a war, but who could have imagined the game of targets that lurked just over the horizon? A Shadow of Resolve is the second trilogy of the A State of Darkness series -- the ongoing tale of the Wonderbolt DarkOps unit as it protects Equestria from threats, both foreign and domestic.

Note: Reading the prequel story is recommended.
Note 2: Currently on hiatus for reasons explained here.

First Featured on 2016-01-19 thanks to your awesome support.

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Gah!!!! Another amazing chapter!

Excited horse noises

Oh sonuvabi--

I mean, great chapter, you basta-


I'm, uh, just a touch excited to see where this leads.

drops to the ground gasping for air* It... it only... it only took 2 months for me to catch up... yay me. Collapses* :pinkiesick: I think I'm going to puke.. oh no!

6954336 I'm not sure it's a good thing that you're going to puke, but welcome to the surface.


That was worded wrong. I meant like I just ran a marathon.

6956858 lol Congratulations on the hard run. :)

Ohfuckingchristyesfinally. This chapter....I'm going to go fap now. Your Chrysalis....gottagobye.

Holy sheet! That was brilliant!!!! Yes yes yes yes yes!!!! More please and thank you!!!

7117128 I miss you too, Bud. :P Did you see the part where we were in the feature box at the same time. 'Twice the Barrier...'

7117370 Thank you, Neon. It is good to be back.

Been a while wing, my dictionary missed you; but seriously, nice chapter I can't wait to see more.

So, Did Celestia allow the imprisonment of Cadence, the brainwashing of Shining Armor and the humiliation of Twilight Sparkle , not to mention the terror experimented by the populace, Just to satisfy Chrysalis' demands?
If I were Twilight, I would be really pissed of about my teacher 's constant lies and manipulations "for the greater good". :twilightangry2:

7183784 I don't view it so much of a demand from Chrysalis so much as a necessary craphole. I'm also not sure how far down the rabbit hole I'm going to stick with the humiliation of Twilight in this universe either. I found that entire story in the show to be pretty ridiculous, and the only way I could make some sense of it is if the whole thing ended up being a giant farce.

In that sense, yes lol. There was a willing allowance of not so great stuff. However, I'd balance that against the thrill of victory -- along with the fact that this is place commonly frequented my magical monsters of enormous power. Actually, and this is kind of a random side note, but the entire basis for starting A State of Darkness was the fact that with Daring Do being real, all of those threats from Ahuizotl aren't bombastic -- they're real as well. That line of thinking put me on a path that there be some dark stuff lingering around.

But back to your point, Celestia is known to troll it up. She vanished during the first Nightmare Moon thing on a hunch that Twilight would make friends. She essentially put the fate of the world on a bunch of inexperienced ponies. Horrifying, isn't it?


That 's the problem with immortals: given enough time, their sanity falters and their morality turns progressively more blueorange... to the point they can and will do anything for the sake of entertainment.

7183903 :P Just more opportunities to look at Twilight's frazzled face. lol

I'm not evil, honest...

I don't think I need to tell you how excited I was for this chapter to come out Wigpone. ;)
You did not disappoint sir.

7282524 Glad to know :3 I always have to reach out and touch a Sober lol

Oh. Snap. This is shaping up to be a most excellent tale sir.


Not only that, it helped push me to write a bit more today. But alas, the sandpony is calling my name.

7300491 Awww yeah... get some sleep.. then write mooooorre...

I don't think I need to tell you how excited I am to finally have you back from the hiatus. Gonna go have a wank to this chapter now. ;)

7461871 ROFL, only you would put it quite like that, Sober.

Aw yes! More Wingpone goodness! Welcome back from the hiatus! I'm looking forward to more delicious wordgasms!

*jaw drops* Wiiiiiiiinngggg! Why are you able to take me by surprise every time? This never usually happens!!

*searches frantically for the next chapter button* Wing, you glorious bastard, what did you do with that button. I need that button.

7558126 Well Shadow, I had a hiatus, and even after said hiatus, the gears have been a bit slow. Rest assured, however, they are turning. :P

7558643 *puts down BFG 9000* okay... I guess I can let that slide. *looks at BFG* where in the hell did I get this thing?

7559012 lol well if it's any consolation, the next installment has what may be the cutest Trigger scene to ever exist.

Just in case you were wondering, I'm still here and reading.

I hope this continues. I really like this story.

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