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    After the battle in Manehattan, we bathed in the light. We soaked up the tranquility, believing that our jobs as Bolts were bound to get easier. But the shadows don't go away. They just wait until you're ready to play again. The night will last...
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No Longer Displaced #youhypedme · 8:59am Jan 29th, 2017

For quite a while, Sober and I have been dropping hints at the release of No Longer Displaced. Writing that story with him was in my highlights of an otherwise daunting year, and admittedly, I had some concerns lingering when we finally pulled the trigger. Sober's got a lot of readers who are used to the formula he's applied for other stories. NLD breaks that mold, and there was definitely a fear there that folks would just reject it on the shift alone.

It shouldn't really be much of a surprise, but when I'm on here hyping something, I am genuinely excited about it. Writing is one of those hobbies that I truly love—one of three things that lets me detox from work. When it comes to publicly sharing, however, there's always that pessimistic expectation in me that the reality will not match the emotions in my head. I'm sure Sober, Lise, or Neon could tell ya all about my vibes on that shit.

Thursday afternoon, though, you all gave me something really special. Sitting in the feature box for a day was an event that I didn't think anything I had a hand in would achieve, but it happened. And if I'm being honest, that wasn't even the best part. Comments... more comments then I have seen in such a short duration brought about additional interaction. Friends who have read my other works found me on Skype/Discord to tell me that this story had a different style and they liked it. For the first time in quite a while, I felt like my words were seen, and that feeling was exceptionally warming.

And when it comes to exceptionally warming, there is only one subject that can survive this ramble-induced segue: Sober! My partner in this collaborative effort likes to mutter bullshit that depreciates his contribution. 'Sweety, just stop.' :P You keep pointing to that thing where I did more typing, but how many scenes have your seed at the core? I'm going to go with a lot of them. There's also the emotional level. We've had two trips, a convention, numerous diner visits... times where a friendship forged on this site led to time in the offline world when we could chill and create. I would also argue that the fact that we have RP material that is longer than NLD itself (<--that) also cements your contribution. I couldn't have written any of that stuff without you. It just wouldn't have been the same. We had to give them their time.

So... I really have to deliver my thanks: to the friends who gave a new read a chance, to the author and friend who let me write some crazy shit with him, to the character who spent so much time dealing with the sassy voice in my imagination—your response has lifted my mood far more than my silly blog posts could ever hype things.

On some more official future matters, (and the reason ASoR is tagged!) the release of NLD has made it clear to me that I need a new strategy with my own works. Pumping out one chapter at a time, releasing it, and then sitting there in an observational state is not the optimal method for me. The reception of chapter publications, my workload, and new family factors all influence my mood in ways that are challenging. Instead, I'm going to try the following:
ASoR will be placed in Hiatus state while I work on Installments 37-40. I don't know the time frame for these, but that will close out Arc IV.
Once they're written and edited, we'll go into a weekly publishing mode for a month until they're exhausted. Hiatuses will again be declared as I work on and complete Arcs V and VI, and it will only be after an arc is done that I will go into a weekly cycle of publishing. I think this is just a better way to do it, so I'll give it a go.

That business aside, again, thank you for your part in making NLD's launch a warming experience for me. I hope this blog conveys a nonzero fraction of how much I appreciate it.

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Comments ( 5 )

1 Neon Squee

But seriously, I can't wait until ASoR is published and am willing to wait as I know it will be amazing.

Good plan. Best of luck with carrying it out!

4401121 Thanks :3

I felt a onezero fraction out of this blog unfortunately.


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