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There is a tradition sacred to every member who has ever put on the storied flight suit, one that makes the wings itch to fly and brings a tear to the eye of the most stony-hearted of all pegasi.

Lead the way, kid. The sky's yours. We're right behind you.

Welcome to the Wonderbolts.

Prereading and editing help by Fahrenheit and Timaeus.

Special thanks to Fahrenheit for brainstorming this with me.

Cover art by fleebites.

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Comment posted by Anzel deleted Jul 16th, 2018

First view of First Flight

6978956 Glad to hear! Thanks for prereading!

Aswome story!!!!!!:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:


RD is spot on, the Wonderbolts are perf and it gave my imagination a bit of exercise to give me the mental image of the freeform cloudplay.

Here's to a great first flight!

I'm going to back up Anzel on that one: it felt like an episode, or more like the ending of an episode.
Just an awesome moment full of happyness!

Pretty good, even though Rainbow is my least favorite pony. Since she's the only one ever to have been able to pull of a Sonic Rainboom, I've always, ALWAYS wondered why she isn't a Wonderbolt right now. She could literally just sit in the stands until the end or follow the others and then do a Rainbow as soon as it was her turn. That would make any Wonderbolt's show more amazing.:rainbowhuh:

6979664 Yeah, a one-trick pony with no professional training, brought on for a totally predictable finale to every single show. What a sound investment that would be.

This was pretty good. Felt nice. I have the fuzzies in my stomach. They really hurt. I think I need surgery.

6980464 Sadly, that's what some sports teams actually do in real life. I know some baseball teams have a "pinch hitter" who is literally terrible at everything else, but can whack that ball like no one else. Sports are all more or less exactly the same and end exactly the same, but people still enjoy and watch them. :pinkiecrazy:

I really hate sports, if you can't tell.

6981053 What I can tell is that you have 0% of the qualifications necessary to be well-informed enough to actually have a debate like this. If you're going to lump aerial acrobatics in with a minority of baseball teams, not to mention use Earth practices as your sole basis for evaluating the viability of a business strategy in near-utopian Equestria, then you know nothing.

There's hating sports, and then there's spreading ignorance around with a knife the size of California.

6981053 Give up now. Just... just stop.

6981111 Er...don't know what I'm giving up, but...sure. I'll give up...whatever it is you want me to give up. Alcohol? Don't drink. Cigarettes? Don't smoke. Drugs? Sorry, they're prescription and I have to take them. Don't know what else I can give up.

6982148 The argument you're failing so miserably at with 6981078.

That said, play nice kids.

6982154 If anyone is failing miserably at anything, it's the little kids like you arguing over magical talking ponies. PM me and I'll give you the name of my doctor. She knows a few good psychiatrists, I'm sure. She's the best in her field, after all. She can probably even help small children who don't know a thing about the real world and like to bicker on stories about silly magic ponies.:rainbowlaugh:

Seriously, I will give you her number, and she WILL help you out. I'm not kidding. She's a very good doctor. She just isn't a pediatrician, so she'll have to refer you to someone more appropriate to your age.

6983826 I've put up one message aside from this reply, dumbass. The ones arguing have been Moriarty and you.

Also, a pinch hitter is not a hitter that only smashes the ball real good. But I guess it was too much to ask for you to take the three seconds to Google it and attempt to make a point, even if your point barely held any water to begin with.

Comment posted by Tiger1029 deleted Feb 29th, 2016
Comment posted by Crystal Wishes deleted Jul 16th, 2018

I've never wanted to be a Wonderbolt more than after reading this story. Amazing work!

I totally recommend listening to Ace Combat while reading. Specifically, Liberation of Gracemeria.

...so I'm confused.

From where I'm standing, this whole fic is a cheesy scene, really. THE CHEESIEST. :pinkiehappy: I love it.

Kids just don't know what they want sometimes, I swear.

Love love love love this take! So happy/reminiscent at the same time!!!

This is -- undoubtedly -- one of the best things I have ever read on this site. In terms of quality, content, and meaning -- especially for the character of note -- this piece sits happily in the altitudes fitting for pegasi.

6983843 u sir have earned a follow

have a pinkie :pinkiehappy:

7237038 I love when curbstomping someone in comments earns me a follow :D

7237377 i meant the story earned u a follow ......and a pinkie

7237414 Oh, I got confused. You replied to me snarking.

The story earning one is also great! This is actually my favorite bit of writing :D

I put this in my absolute fave bookshelf because it made me smile like a whole lot. I love anything to do with world building in MLP, particularly Pegasi world building. Even when its something as small as the Wonderbolt's traditions I love it. The way you described everything from Dash's squeal of excitement to the imagery of flight just made my face break. My jaw now hurt but it was worth it because this is an awesome story. I know whenever I feel sad I'm gonna come back to this story because it's simple and small and an instant way to brighten my day.

So thank you for writing this wonderful piece of literature and I hope you have a wonderful day!

I read this...

The team spoke in one voice, “Lead the way, Rainbow Dash. This is your first flight.”

And then I stopped and looked for an appropriate song for the second half of the story.

I found this.

Great. The blurb caught me, but the "freestyle individual" section dipped a little bit below that 120% cool that you had going.

I need to create a new bookshelf for stories like this one. The stories that are just simply adorable, sweet and overwhelm me with happiness. Imagining Rainbow's emotions while leading the Wonderbolts brought me to my highest levels of joy (tears included).
That's the best thing about fanfiction: you don't need to build new characters from scratch and sympathise with them, while not really knowing who they are, because we have an awesome show that we've been all watching for years and had all the time to make emotional bonds with the characters and learn their story. Those beautiful fan stories can just focus on expanding the characters or lore and, in this case, bring us emotions that the main show just can't (or at least can't do it frequently).
Thank you for your work, Carapace, and I hope you'll continue writing these awesome stories :twilightsmile:

This was a great story. It pretty much brought the cover image to life with the way the words were weaved

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