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Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.


A compilation of my random drivel, these are the stories or chapters or snippets or random drivel that I {or my editor/co-writer} scrapped for one reason or another.

The author's notes will contain information on these individual bits and some pre-requisite reading may be ideal for certain scraps.

Tags are all over the place for obvious reasons, with the exception of horror. The horror tag is because of the scrapped displaced story. These are all mostly unedited and in their most cringe-worthy state. You're welcome.

Bitching and criticism of any kind welcome, though I would ask that you remember these were all written when I was a far worse writer.

Chapters (4)
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“Trixie,” she started, “wanted to apologize. She did not intend to intrude on you.”

Barrier mentally noted that she talked in first person though gave it no attention, “Eh, it’s fine.” Barrier shrugged the statement off, “So, you’re still in school, right?” Barrier carefully sidestepped the young lady,

“Not at the moment,” Trixie admitted, “Trixie was thinking about going to Crystal Plaza High but with the orphanage kicking Trixie out…”

I know it's just a story fragment/scrap that you'll probably never make a sequel to, but she talks in third person. First person is "I," "we," and "me."

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