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Humanity has fallen.

After only a year of plague, savagery, and drought, the temple of humankind could sustain itself no longer and the world was plunged into the darkness of extinction.

But it was not the end, not truly. Far below the dirt and abandonment, humanity lingered. It was here, within sprawling concrete and steel, that the last remnants of mankind remained, locked away from a changing world.

It is here that two men awoke. It was here that a revolution began. And it is here that the fate of humanity will be decided. Because, here, there is no turning back. Here, there is only one direction to tread:


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This changed again?

Y u no make up mind already? :ajbemused:


Because the old concept didn't involve enough sand.



It needs more NANOMACHINES, SON.

The prince ground his teeth in frustration. That annoying voice and accent was intolerable. Why his sister had chosen such a waste of genetic material as a husband was a mystery upon itself, and also something he didn't want to trouble himself with.

Be my bro
I share your hatred for the Captain who would be better at selling cereal than protecting ponies

Glad to see this update again, although this is what, the third iteration by now? I'm not complaining.

I still have a major problem with you having the food still there and edible. the only things which are capable of lasting that long are dried meats, alcohols(will be almost entirely vinegar by that point unless it has a high amount of sugar in it) and highly sugared things(like honey crusted things etc)

It begins...


Not complaining by any means, though. It's always good to see you two get writing and whip some FUCKING LATE wonderful tales for us.

That said, I find myself wondering what happened to Pyrite Dreams? I sincerely enjoyed her as a character, and I'm hoping that she'll be present in this iteration of 'RRR'.

We expect great things from you.

I'm pretty sure I have a muramasa lying around here somewhere...

Don't worry. That will be remedied in the next chapter.

2830244 alright, that's the main thing interfering with my suspension of disbelief. I can believe that, since it began set in the nondescript future, they had developed cloth, or coatings for it, which would last for that long, but foodstuffs just don't make sense.(oh, and remember about the degradation of the various components of bullets over time, not just the gunpowder but also the head itself making it extremely dangerous at best to use them)

Absolutely. The coating you mentioned is the reason why Ulysses found an intact uniform and boots to go along with it. Of course, the government didn't spend so much on the prisoner jumpsuits, so that's why Ulysses discarded his and Westin's is falling apart. Everything will become clear in, I believe, chapter three. Anyway, thanks for reading so far. The Resistance remembers it's friends.

"Here's someone." The dark-skinned man grabbed a nearby skull and propped it onto the remains of a leg and against a flat rock. "I wanted to escape this place and shit, and look what I get. Sand. A shit ton of sand and nothing else in any direction."

He should totally take that skull with him and give it a name

Lovin' this reboot! Everything is much more refined. Can't wait until Octavia comes in as well. Although I estimate that's a ways off.

Holy shit! I was not expecting to see more of this! But I am happy that there is more, and may i say you have done a great job, very well refined, and i found that events were given more purpose this time, such as the search for the documents leading to something else instead of blind luck, and the nightmare that sparked the search, great work!

This sorta reminds me of my work. Maybe if I'd read this first though Millenium would be better

My lookey holes are well satisfied. Thank you.

There are no words for how awesome this chapter was :)

Loved the chapter, dear author!
Mustaches! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

You call that piece of hair mustache? Little little man....

2946827 I-i know! Ever-r sin-c-c-ce the accident...

Oh gods, I am a disgrace!
I bow to your greatness! I am at your mercy! My mustache is...is nothing!

This is story is quite interesting.

Are they eventually going to meet more humans and form their own Human Empire?

Damn another cliffhanger, I can't wait to see what happens next!

Whats the estimated time of arrival for the next chapter?


Chapter 4 is done and will be sent to our editor as soon as possible. Could be anywhere from a day to a week.

Meh, I have doubts about this one, but I'll definitely be watching to see if it exceeds my expectations. I am also looking forward to seeing what Blueblood's been up to.

I'm confused.
I thought Westin was the white guy, and Ulysses was the black guy.

And is it Westin, or Ulysses that is the crazy nut-burger?

Westin is the African American.
Ulysses is the Caucasian. He's the crazy one.

0 #39 · Aug 11th, 2013 · · · Prologue ·

I really like your portrayal of Blueblood

For some reason I'm expecting for Ulysses to question who is "Celestia" and why Pyrite is praying to her.
And then begin on a rant for one reason or another


Ah, okay.

I always think of Westin as the white guy, because I picture Michael Westin from Burn Notice....

Hah! That makes sense, actually. The relationship between Westin and Ulysses is pretty convoluted. Both of them are criminals and would be considered, "Bad Guys" by normal standards, but they are on opposite ends of that kind of spectrum. On one side, Westin is the guy who appreciates crime and the wealth that it brings, but also stands by his own set of morals, while Ulysses is completely opposite. He likes to cause pain and grief and has no qualms about what he's doing.

haven't read this in a while....even better than it was before :twilightsmile:

I really like your portrayal of Blueblood

Yeah, and it works with his cutie mark, unlike my portrayal of him being a record label rock star.

Your chapters always seem to go by so fast.:fluttershysad:

Come on Ullyses everybody knows that in a post-apocalyptic situation you need as many bottle caps as possible

ah cultists, horrible if theyre your enemies but brilliant if theyre your friends :twilightsmile:

"Sweet Celestia, you guys still listen to that monster?" Pyrite lashed out disgustedly. "She's a Monitor, for Luna's sake! A Monitor!"

Westin looked at Ulysses, "They worship a computer monitor, man. Some shit never changes. I bet she's white."

My sides hurt from laughing
Of course, I'm exaggerating but it's the thought that counts.

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