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All I ask is that you give it a chance...


A changeling-alicorn hybrid -an abomination from a time when Discord ruled Equestria- returns to Equestria thousands of years later, having been raised in a world not his own with a skill-set the likes of which Equestria has never seen. This is his story.

Any form of criticism is appreciated.

Inspired by this thread. The character concept belongs to this fellow whereas I fleshed out the story and character that is Selas Nightwind.


Story takes place some time after Season 3 but before Season 4, on account of me not having seen it.

Many thanks to ChasingResonance for editing/proofing/motivating!

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 34 )

Good sir, you have my attention


5813213 Probably not. I'm atrocious at this kind of thing.

Comment posted by Just another hoerse love deleted Apr 12th, 2015

Btw the sunwell came later the well of eternity is what was destroyed btw

5854292 Ah, fixed. I tend to get the two mixed up from time to time. Lack of sleep more often than not.

What's sad is that we are collabing on this and I got 15dislikes and 3likes when I uploaded it on mine

5900968 <3 Was worried the idea would be too asinine for anybody to enjoy it. Here's to hoping I can keep you entertained.

Interesting story. I really feel curious about the Princesses' connection to Selas

Love the story. Really liked the scene where RD gets a wingboners and the NightSaber reprimanding Selas for staring at Celestia's ass. I hope the next chapter comes soon and, if what I interpreted from your notes is right ,if this story is short then I hope for a sequel.

5902244 I like both, cuz one Luna, enough said (I think). And second I like ironic relationships.

5906506 Heh, as is, I don't have any plans for it. The 3rd and final chapter is about 2000 words in, and after that there will be an epilogue, though I do have a bit of an idea for a possible sequel.

This is gonna be re-updated fairly soon, as I'm going back and fixing some things I missed whilst editing. I must say, though; editing this is rather fun, especially while listening to Moonlight Sonata mixed with Izanagi and Altricon's screams/moans in the background.

5912829 They really do complement the composition, don't they?

Nice double update.

Also, I lied, epilogue tonight, immediately after The End. Thank the alcohol.

....pretty pweeaaase make a sequel/prequel when your done

5957326 Heh, amusingly enough, one of my editors{ChasingResonance} has suggested the same thing. Sadly I have another sequel {A Pony Displaced} waiting to be made and another stand-alone story in the works. All I can say is, we'll see.

Was it all intended to be in italics the second half?

5957773 Fixed, thanks for the catch. Missed it in my drunken stupor I suppose.

5957326 well me and sober worked together on the character of Selas I may make a story

Wish it was longer, like reading stories like this.

Comment posted by NoLongerSober deleted Jun 13th, 2016

A soft knocking at the door, followed by a purple unicorn walking quietly into the room.

Biting her lip with uncertainty, the purple alicorn sighed and nodded.

Unicorn or Alicorn, you've referred to her as both in this story? Don't know when this story is related to canon, probably good to mention the dating in main title description ?
(Why doesn't any writer ever say when their story is relevant to canon?)
Arby's menu looks like it would give me a coronary!! :pinkiegasp:

7518668 Alicorn. Added to the description. I'd actually forgotten I even had this story on-site.

“My sister will arrive in Ponyville tomorrow to explain these similarities to you in detail. We request that you hear hear out completely before passing judgement.”

Your avatar still drinking xxxx I see, he'll turn into Queensland redneck soon! :rainbowlaugh:

Twilight.exe has stopped working…


7518707 Should be like Star Trek™, stardate such and such at the start of any episode. We need ponydate season ?, ep ?. Should be in the Fimfiction rules for all! :pinkiehappy:

7518880 Fixed. :3 And yeah, my avatar can really put it away. What I'd give for his liver. And that gif? Mm, so much yes.

Lamp respond by turning southwest and hunching forward slightly.


A number of apples, oranges, strawberries, and blackberries found their way ? his saddlebags,

? = into

We’ve had some problem with vandals wreckin’ up the town and harassin’ travellers lately.

Seems a familiar job he could take on.

Selas could certainly see some resemblance between himself in this creature, though this creature look almost emaciated.

This look like Lamp?

7521567 All fixed, many thanks. :3

That's a fairly close approximation of lamp, though a bit smaller in certain regards. Not sure how familiar you are with WoW but he's based almost entirely off of:

wow.zamimg.com/uploads/screenshots/normal/330004-reins-of-the-striped-nightsaber.jpg Disclaimer: Not my character.

Great crossover story from WoW(World of Warcraft).

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