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NLD, timelines, and continuity. · 8:16pm Jan 24th, 2017

Hey there script kiddies! Whether you’ve ventured here from Sober’s end or mine, there might be some questions lingering in your heads when it comes to No Longer Displaced. Particularly, how does this story relate to the others Sober and I have written? What’s canonical? What’s the continuity?

At one point, Alticron asked if Sober and I wanted to include a timeline statement in NLD's long description. For a variety of reasons, which I will hit up here, I didn’t feel that fitting in a definitive statement on this matter was appropriate for that place. However, given the sea of possibilities—and a comment that has already appeared on Sober's blog—here is my PSA on the subject.

In the simplest sense, the events of NLD are independent from APD, APDAP, and pending sequels. Much in the way Another Path was a different continuity from the original APD, No Longer Displaced is its own thing. This obviously makes sense in the context that Sober and Co. are working on several projects in that vein. Likewise, Sober and I are working on collaborative projects of our own, and it would be impossible (and rather silly) to unify all of those worlds. We don’t want to do that anyhoo, so that’s all good.

The main reason for me not wanting to drop a line into the description is because I feel a statement such as, ‘The events of NLD are non-canonical to APD, ASoD, etc…,’ devalues what’s being done, and does nothing to convey the deeper picture of what NLD has brought to the table. It also completely overlooks my position with how NLD relates to A State of Darkness and A Shadow of Resolve.

With regards to ASoD, I view Tail’s interactions with Barrier -excluding any shipping action (unless you’re in Sober’s head)- to be canonical to Wing’s history. No Longer Displaced also gave me the opportunity to expand upon the technology utilized in A State of Darkness, and as such, I view the enhanced details to also be canonical to the ASoD storyline.

I also believe it is fair to say that NLD has had a more subtle impact across universe lines. This project started, in large part, due to a pair of cross-cameos that occurred in A State of Darkness and A Pony Displaced. Sober and I discovered that we work really well together. We’ve got a synergy about us, and I think that spreads to what we’re working on in pretty cool ways.

Barrier’s character made for an amazing fit into A Shadow of Resolve. Hell, his presence in A State of Darkness was also pretty damn influential for pushing NLD into existence. Likewise, there have been plenty of RP interactions between Tail and Barrier that have led to some sneaky references. She’s subtly name-dropped in ASoR (despite her existence there doing crazy things), and frankly, if I’m being honest, there are portions of Daring’s characterizations in Another Path that are just straight-up Tail.

The TLDR on this matter is that, yes, A Pony Displaced, Another Path, and No Longer Displaced have independent timelines that are free to develop as is deemed fit. Likewise, there is some accepted divergence in NLD from the A State of Darkness universe. However, given the magical writing synergy, and the gentler influences, I felt a more in-depth write-up on the matter was needed despite the bottom line.

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Comments ( 6 )

20 acronyms.

I am impressed.

4395185 :P Livin' the dream.

Seeing they are different timelines, but also interwoven, what order would you suggest reading them in?

I think that depends on how much information you want upfront. If you want to have an idea about Barrier's history, either APD or Another Path first is a good idea.

A State of Darkness will pretty much reveal Tail upfront, which is actually probably a bad thing, so you should probably read NLD before that.

Thanks sounds like a plan.

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