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Sadness + Kindness is alive (yay) · 6:13pm Jan 5th, 2012

So, things are going fine.
I've just finished Chapter 11, I really can't tell when the fanfic will end
because craziness always come to my mind
and I get a shitload of ideas (I know, it's crazy!)

the fanfic will PROBABLY end on Chapter 20, I don't even know
but I'm liking how the fanfic is going, it's slow
but it's also good, isn't?
I also want to apology for my laziness :c

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When are you going to update the story! its been over a year or more!:raritydespair:

I really wish you would update Sadness + Kindness soon. It's a really good Lunashy fic.

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