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Ever wondered how it would be like if actual historical events that happened in our world happened in theirs. What if the ponies went through the Great Depression? What if they went through, great events such as the industrial age, when railroads were being built. They have many things in Equestria that are waiting to be written about. What if you were to write about or read about how many faced hardships due to poverty and foolish decisions (the great depression) , what if you were to read about a pony riding his way to an opportunity in the south (hobos).

I am a brony that has been interested in History for quite a while. Whenever I saw the show give some history to itself, it would always give me even more reason and interest to watch it.

If you are interested in thing such as these then please enter your stories to share. Remember it doesn't have to sad, depressing, or even dark. It can be happy moment as well.

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Wow! I didn't think I would ever get anyone in the group.
Thanks you guys! :pinkiehappy:

Holy crap, this is the group I totally always wanted but never knew I needed! Awesome!

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