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This group is for people who likes to think and talk about what people and/or things that are not ponies would be like as a ponies.

Example 1: Peter Parker/Spiderman
Ponified Name: Pyrite Picker, Why?: Peter means rock, Parker is a type of gardener, Peter Parker’s passion is chemistry. Pyrite is a stone that begins with a P with notable in chemistry. A Picker is a guy that tends to stones.
Race: Unicorn
Appearance: Brown Mane, Orange Coat,
Cutie Mark: Chunk of pyrite crystal,
Abilities: Before bitten: Alchemy/fabric weaving magic. After bitten: Enhanced strength, speed, and invulnerability, spider sense.
Backstory: Winning a magical university college scholarship for inventing a web casting spell. He gets bitten by a spider altered with genetic magic well on tour. It’s magic venom infuses him with spider powers.

Example 2: The city of Sioux Falls South Dakota,
Ponified Name: Sioux Falls
Race: Crystal Pegasus
Appearance: Rose Granite Coat, Grass Jaden Mane, Wears tan cowboy hat, Eagle feathers hair tie.
Cutie Mark: Double tiered waterfall
Abilities: Cattle wrangling skills,
Backstory: Crystal Pony raised by Buffalo.

Feel free to use the forum to discuss possible ponified characters, Like their cutie marks, race and possible adjusted back stories even ponified names. Also feel free to post your stories that have ponified characters in them.

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I don't know why but this feels right to me

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