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"Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice."
—Anton Chekhov

"Never ASSUME, because when you ASSUME, you make an ASS [out] of U and ME."
—Jerry Belson

This group is a Mecca for all things science-related (sci-fi, too). If your story has at least one scientific topic, place it in the appropriate subfolder. That's all I ask.

If your story has multiple science topics (such as chemistry and biology), you may place your story in as many corresponding subfolders as needed.

Current Administrators:
(1) Zolvahlok

If you want to become an Administrator, ask! It will help you if you have a profound passion of science.

Current Contributors: None!

If you want to become a Contributor, ask! A Contributor in this group means to provide vast scientific knowledge in the form of hyperlinked, peer-reviewed journals and other science-esque media.

Forum Rules:
(1) No NSFW content will be accepted in the forums. All site rules apply.
(a) This includes the anatomy of genitalia, or otherwise private areas of the human
(2) Only information from credible sources will be accepted in the forums.
(a) Wikipedia is not a credible source.
(3) No plagiarism will be accepted in the forums.
(a) Plagiarism is a heinous crime and will result in removal from the Association.
(4) If you believe someone has incorrect knowledge about a topic, a constructive debate will take place instead of meaningless name calling.
(a) If you want to call someone a fucking retard because they're false, /sci/ is a great
place to do it.
(5) Lastly, if you have personal research that you would like to discuss with the Association, please post it in the forum.
(a) BEWARE! Use caution when posting personal research in the forums; the
possibility that someone will take your work as their own is still very real.

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