The home of content Golden_Delicious has found... suitable for his Sci-Fi needs, along with anything else the peeks his interests.

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Chatoynce, if you want to be a contributor I’d be happy to add you.

Congrats, you’ve been inducted into the conspiracy.

Saw your stories chatoynce, moved them to the relevant folders.

Entirely because of the name I’m tempted to invite you as a contributor or admin, it is Golden’s library after all, and a second person to help run things would be nice.

Oh thank you! Its actually the name of an OC of mine:twilightsmile:.

Also, I like your username.

As long as they are as Sci-Fi related.

I.e, I wouldn’t consider Hard reset sci-fi, but it is highly related and would be placed in the Sci-Fi adjunct folder.

Just so I don't get this mixed up, you're okay with stories that don't have Sc-Fi in them? Because I see the suggestion box there:applejackunsure:.

  • Viewing 1 - 11 of 11