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After a lot of good times having friendly debates with friends about various topics, I wanted to try carrying that over here, not only to have fun with a discussion about any topic, but to make new friends and get to know people as well. What I'm going to attempt to do with this group is, once a week, to put up a topic for debate and discussion for fun, and we'll see what the result is. :)

- Spike


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345406 I would be of the opinion that big mac is physically stronger than shining armor

I would like to prompt the discussion of how are unicorn horns attached, any opinions ?

Have you considered adding folders to this group? :unsuresweetie:

Sooo.... The debate topic was who is stronger? Big Mac or Shinning Armor? Where do I go to discuss this? Or do I do it from right here? :applejackconfused:


hopefully some intelligent discussion and a way to make new friends?

Oh dear celestia what have I got myself into...

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