Hi! This is the group that stores the fics that are just....too serious to take seriously.
EXAMPLE: "And then Celestia flew up into the sky and screamed to power up her laser beam!'OMG SHELL KILL HERSELF IF SHE DOES THIS!!!!' Twilight screamed. 'NUUU CELESTIA!!!!' And then celestia blew up discord in a yellow mushroom cloud and she died and twilight became an emo THE END!"

- Trollfics are allowed! Example: Generic Story by FinalDraft
-Cannot be tagged Comedy unless it's a trollfic!
-OCs are a bonus! Especially Alicorns!
-BAdfics are allowed!
-Cover Arts made in Paint/Pony Creator are 20% cooler!

Ok....good luck and stuff.

Crow. :)

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This group needs folders.

your banner is a mess right now...

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