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Need help tagging your story? Join and make a post containing the summary of your story, and we'll do our best to help!

Basic summary of tags:

Romance: Shipfics or stories that focus mostly on the romantic relationship between two characters. Example: Luna and Sombra shipfic.

Tragedy: A story with a sad ending. Not necessarily a sad story in of itself. Example: Rainbow Dash goes on a epic journey with Daring Do to save Equestria, but is betrayed and dies and Equestria is destroyed.

Sad: A story with a rather sorrowful theme. Example: Twilight Sparkle learning she has cancer and spends her final days saying goodbye to her friends.

Dark: A story, often of the horror genre, that goes into more mature themes such as death, mental illness, or rape. Example: Rainbow Factory is a perfect example of this tag.

Comedy: A funny story that may or may not make much sense. Associated with the Random tag. Example: Rarity gets a pimple but Equestria is experiencing a zit-cream shortage.

Random: A story (often also tagged Comedy) that doesn't make much sense and incurs giant leaps of logic. Example: Pinkie Pie, through a series of unrelated events, must save the moon.

Adventure: An epic quest of some sort. Think LOTR or the Narnia books. Example: Applebloom must take a perilous journey down the Hoofington River to save her farm from being demolished.

Slice of Life: A story that is the kind of thing that might actually happen in an episode. Example: Celestia takes baking lessons from Pinkie Pie.

Crossover: A crossover is when two universes collide. Oftentimes, the characters from one show or book or something end up in Equestria and have to get back home. Example: Thor accidentally messes up the rainbow bridge thingy and ends up in Equestria.

Alternate Universe: Where the characters you are using do not have the same genders/professions/personalities/etc that they have in the show. Example: Dusk Shine along with his trusty assistant, Barb, travels to Ponyville and meets five stallions that will change his life forever.

Human: Humans in Equestria. Or ponies on Earth. You get the gist. Example: (best story eveh) Oh Hell No by Flint Sparks. Independent black woman meme gets sent to Equestria.

Anthro: Where ponies have hands and feet and stuff and it's normal. Not that they've been turned into humans or anything. Example: Spike works for Twyla Spark as her personal assistant.


Tags can be tricky. :P

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