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This group is dedicated to Пони-экспромт - Russian Pony Writing Prompt.
Every Wednesday and Saturday we write short stories, on a different prompt, in Russian, in an hour.
We start at 10 am Moscow time, close submissions at 8pm and publish soon after.
rpwp tumblr is the place: read and follow it to be in touch.
Some of the stories even get translated into English and published here.
In addition, everypony who speaks and/or likes Russian is very welcome here, as there seems to be no Russian group on FiMFiction.

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349873 I'm russian, huh :)

Alas, my Russian is barely good enough to ask where the bathroom is, and nowhere near good enough to write a story in, but I'll be watching this group with interest as I continue to improve it. :twilightsmile:

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