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To be honest I just write this storys for the goofy titles


There are three underrated things in this universe:
1. The Mentally Advanced Series
2. Subset of the above: Thrackerzod
3. My Own Writing
By combining all of these elements of I have created this.

Thrackerzod (Sweetie Belle from the mentally advanced universe) is trying to being a normal pony, despite the fact that she is an eldrtich abomination. Luckily, I don't think anyone has caught on yet. This is some of her story.

Everyone is out of character because it's based on the characters established in the greatest abridged series of all time.

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I shall read this and favorite it, as that is what normal ponies do. I am a normal pony.

Glorious eldritch silliness, to say nothing of the excellent use of It That Rides as One as cover art. Thank you for it. Here's hoping you come back to it at some point.

I'd wonder to see what happened if Thrackerzod met sweetebot?

This story would be perfect were it not for the fourth wall breaks, otherwise, I loved it

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