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FAQ (that you should read):

What is this group?

This group is a center for aspiring fanfiction writers and aspiring fanfiction reviewers to help each other in making MLP fanfiction better, and in turn, bettering their own skills.

What exactly is a proof-reader, editor, and pre-reader?

Well, within the group they tend to mean this:

Looks through the story with the main goal to tackle grammar and spelling errors. They don't heavily change things, rather, just take a look at errors. Kind of the "middle-man" between editors and pre-readers, as proof-readers should also provide an opinion on the piece.

Focuses more heavily on errors, and less on opinions. Editors should be well acquainted with the English language and its in's and out's.

Focuses on giving a well thought opinion on the piece, and hardly detects errors. The pre-reader should definitely give a lot of feedback on what they thought of the piece, using both good and bad (if applicable) examples.

Please note:
You can be a editor and do opinions, and be a pre-reader and look through errors, but please make sure to do your job first. We are always fine with going above and beyond the minimum!

Okay, so how do I make a request?

First, join the group. Then make sure you read the general rules of posting (located at the bottom of this page!). After that, mosey on over to a reviewer's page (make sure they are the type of reviewer you want) and post your story using the posting guidelines on every reviewer's page. Make sure to read what they specifically do as a reviewer, and what they do and don't want in a story. It's better to post your story to someone who is more interested in your type of story than to someone who isn't, as reviewers might not want to review your work.

Okay, so how do I become a reviewer?

First, join the group. Then make sure you read the general rules of posting (located at the bottom of this page!). After that, mosey on over to the applications thread. From there, post your information (what specific information you need is located in the OP of the thread) and wait until an admin approves you. Further instructions are in the thread.

The reviewer didn't review my story! :(

Aww, no need to fret! First, make sure you replied to them in their thread. Mistakes do happen. Then, wait a couple days. If they haven't replied after a few days, contact one of the admins and we'll take care of it. :)


-Don't be a jerk. Obviously. We will ban you.
-(Almost) every ban has one warning first.
-Report admin abuse to Master Lyra
-Report rule breaking (not just these rules; rules in thread also apply) to an admin (please don't be spamming the mods though)
-Don't be afraid to contact an admin (or Master Lyra) if there is a problem. We won't bite. Alternatively, don't bug the admins continuously.
-Before contacting an admin, make sure you read the reviewer's (or any other thread's) information thoroughly.
-Please do actually review work that is in your reviewer's thread

Have fun!

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I have a story that I would like to read

Hey! I'm wondering if you guys can proof-read my story I'm writing for a request. Please, take you're time to respond, thank you.

I’m working on my very first story on fin fiction and I need someone to proofread and edit it please! I got this story’s idea from a certain smash bros story. It’s about the deities of smash conquering other worlds with a new deity and Kirby must gather some allies to fight them and same their friends and family.

Here’s the link, please help me!

Hello! I am looking for someone to proof-read my story, please. Thank you

Could someone edit and proofread my story please
Warning don't read if your arachnophobic

Hello, i would like an proofreader. It would be much appreciated

I need a proofreader/editor for two of my more popular stories. I am looking to correct any issues with them currently and for any future chapters. I will link the two stories and let me know if you have spare time.

Send me a PM if you have the time and let me know. Thank you for any help you have to offer and I appreciate it.

i need a proof reader to fixed the grammer

Can someone proof read my story? I don't think the grammar is bad, but apparently it's 'severe'. :fluttershysad:

i am looking for a proofreader to see if i have something going for a descent story. commenting is enabled on the dock . pls and thank you.

Hello, im looking for a editor for my story, please contact me over the private messages, thank you

I am in need of een editor for my story, i got some comments on the spelling and grammar in it. If anyone could help me with it i would be very great full for there help. This is the link to my story:
It's already finished by as i already said it only needs corrections with the spelling and grammar.
I hope that you will take the time for it, i really need it.

I need somepony to preread and/or edit so I can continue posting more chapters. The chapters already posted were already proofread, but my proofreader hasn't gotten back to me for a while and I don't want to keep my readers waiting too long. I'm still pretty new when it comes to writing a good story so I'll need all the help I can get. Here is the link and description to my story:

Twilight Sparkle, the princess of friendship, and all of her pony friends receive a summoning by Princess Celestia, Luna, and Cadence for an essential task at hoof. The seven ponies Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Starlight Glimmer are being summoned to a whole new world far from theirs to restore peace in a world where a whole different kind of species called humans are at the mercy of giant, human-like creatures known as Titans. Knowing this, the ponies decide to go on an epic journey together to help these humans fight back against the Titans and to also share the magic of friendship with their allies so that the humans can rise from the ashes.

If you feel up to the task, PM me and I'll give you the password for my unpublished chapters.

Warning: This story is rated mature since there is some gore in this story.

I need my story edited/pre-read/proofread

I need a bit of a Proof-Reader/Pre-Reader to get the Content of my first Chapter finalized before I send it out again, PM.

I need help with a couple of stories, One is about the Battle of 3234 and the other is a C&C Red alert 3. Anyone interested in helping

I'm working on a Displaced Story but I can't submit it due to the description pls help this is it the description right here

"My name is Dillon the black ranger but my original name is Jevon Barner i got sent to Equestria by a guy called the merchant I don't know if could have gotten out of it but this is my life now”.

“ I have to accept that I will never go home, but as long as I will keep going I won't give up, But it's probably going to be hard to accept that counting that I'm living in a world where ponies talk but I digress”.

“ I also met a guy named Shade when i first came to this world as well as Mare named Luna as well after I met a group of mares called the Elements of Harmony”.

“We're kinda friends but during my time acclimating to the me being Dillon i…...i barely feel any emotions anymore but if i keep my old name i’ll keep what's left of who i used to be”.

“That name is the only thing keeping the pieces together”.

“Hey Dylan You ready?”

“Yeah give me a sec, This is Dillon signing out”.

414815 Umm if you like I really could use help on a fanfic I am writing. Well several. But I don't want to overwhelm. One I am working on now is currently not posted I taken it down due to I was getting bad reports to finding an editor. I mean they seem fine to me. But I guess they could use improving. Pleas let me know I can try and chat with you if you can to see if we can work and get in touch. I don't post sex or anything like that, my mom would kill me. But some of my work can be a tad, gruesome. So I would understand if you would say no.

Hello? I can help if you are still in need of an editor.

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