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This story is a sequel to Magic of the Heart

Ditzy and Dinky's greatest adventure may be over, but their lives, and the lives of all their friends, are still full of promise. Take a slice-of-life look at some of your favorite characters, after the events of "Magic of the Heart".

This is not a novel, it's an anthology. A collection of short stories about the continuing adventures of the characters from the "Shipping and Handling" fanfic universe. These short tales are mostly unrelated to one another, and feature many of the major and supporting characters from the trilogy. The one thing they all have in common is that they're set at some point after the events of Chapter 20 of "Magic of the Heart".

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I just read the first chapter…this is going to be amazing! You can’t imagine how surprised I was with the way you began this series of tales.
To know that the legacy that Dinky and her friends began is living on is wonderful to know. I’m looking forward to reading more of them. And passing along the Magic of the Heart to others, too.

You mean you read the intro, or you've already finished the first anecdote?
Pretty quick if it's the latter!

A beautiful start. Can't wait to see what sorts of stories Dinky will share with us.

Just the intro, so far! At work right now but just had to at least read that part.

Will definitely be reading the first chapter soon!

Well then... Quite a way to start this indeed. But also almost infinite possibilities for the anecdotes, so well played. I have already added this to my tracked stories so I'll be sure to read whenever it updates.

I just read the first chapter…wow!

Some things that happened with Honeydew and her parents I expected. How she handled herself certainly was however, and clearly showed how much confidence she has gained. Not surprising with all the encouragement and all she’s been through!

Scuffle has really become so insightful and cleaver in his approach to working things out with others. Just shows that anypony can be strong and sensitive.

The most surprising part was how Melon Rind changed his way of seeing his daughter and who she is. It was a tremendous enlightening experience for him. Though he still has a lot of biases and prejudices, at least he is starting to try and understand, through a connection that they both share.

I can relate to Melon Rind’s feelings. Having a child with learning disabilities, I just wanted them to fit in. At the time, I didn’t have any understanding of why or what to do or how to help. I understand Melon’s frustration and pain in seeing someone they care about be so withdrawn and unmotivated. But I also feel the relief and happiness in seeing that same person start to live and thrive.

Truly an amazing piece of writing, PRB. Well done!

...Huh. Didn't really see Dewey's dad as being redeemable before it happened. Who's next, their old principal?

I've been patiently waiting for five months, ever since I finished Magic of the Heart, and cried at a story for the first time in my life. As I write this now, I'm tearing up again, with a massive smile on my face. Even more closure, even more stories, even more Art. It's 1:18 AM, I clock in at 10:00 for work. I'll sleep. But it is tempting to continue on. I know if I do, however, that I won't have quite such a beautiful chapter waiting for me when I wake up. Pegasus Rescue Brigade, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your wonderful wordsmithing. I eagarly anticipate what awaits on the next page.

Thanks for the kind words!
There's only one anecdote available so far, but I'm curious to see what you think of it.

Okay, I can believe ponies can do a lot of things they shouldn't be able to with hooves, but reading braille is not one of them. Regardless, an excellent bit of closure for Honeydew.

I actually have an excuse for that, haha.
Although we are reading this in English, its been established in the novels that the characters are speaking Common Ponish, which presumably has its own system of letters.
What Honeydew is reading is probably not literally braille, but a Ponish equivalent that uses larger and more distinct symbols that can be differentiated even with the frog of a hoof. I'm just calling it braille cause this is written in English and not a made up horse language.

Well, to satisfy your curiosity, it was wonderful. I've been looking forward to reading this all night and all day, and you delivered. I like how you started to give Melon Rind a redemption arc. I know this is intended to be an anthology, but I still hope to see some character development, even between stories. It would be nice to see Honeydew and her parents actually start to look at each other as family, even if we only get glimpses of it at various points.

I don't know how much more I can say without reiterating my earlier comments. Looking back, I remeber imagining that Dinky would eventually acquire a dark magic live-fire range of sorts. She is the only one capable of truly studying dark magic. I also imagined that Sparkler would begin inviting her to do the dark magic warning at the beginning of each year, though I think Dinky doing that too soon would inadvertently encourage some students to try.

I hope I'm not coming off as pushy, or asking you to write anything. I suppose I'm just telling the life I imagined he characters would have taken up. I don't want you to feel like I'm trying to write your story for you, so please don't feel like you have to take suggestions, most of all from me. You're a far better writer than I can claim to be.

Oh don't worry, sharing your ideas is fine!
I've got plans for all my characters anyway, so you'll see in the future if any of your theories about them are right.
As for Honeydew's parents, I don't think there will be another whole anecdote dedicated to their relationship with her, but they may be referenced or briefly appear in future Honeydew/Scuffle centric anecdotes. The "glimpses" you mentioned is probably the best way to describe it.

But next up, I'm probably gonna drift away from those two for a bit and showcase another character. Even the minor ones are going to get stories of their own. Right now I'm cooking up a little story that features Clarity's sister, Lucid. That one also happens relatively quickly after chapter 20 of Magic of the Heart, so I may release that one next, we'll see.

I do have to wonder if the stories will only be about the ponies featured in the trilogy, or if we'll occasionally see something from far after they've passed on. Dinky has lived for a few thousand years, and has many, many stories. Certainly, we care about the characters featured in the stories the most, they're the ones we got to see grow and change and develop into the characters they are now, but Dinky is a special case, after all.

Oh, there will definitely be some far in the future.
I'll have to create some new characters for those, of course, but Dinky will always feature in those.

Oh, I look forward to it.

Hey, just an errant thought, those character cards someone drew? Could they somehow be used? Maybe as an indicator of who the chapter is about?

You know, I considered that.
Problem is, those were only made for characters associated with Celestia's Academy. I don't have any for characters from the shipping company, or for Pip or Scoville.

That is true. But hey, that means you plan to make chapters about most of the characters we've met, then.

Yay, I'm glad I found this. I can't wait to read more chapters. A part of me didn't want Honeydew's parents to be redeemed because I do like it when stories show that it's okay to cut off toxic family, and her family were major levels of abusive. However, this is also magical ponyland where even Queen Chrysalis would've been redeemed if there was another two seasons, so I'm not too torn up about it. As someone who's dealt with racism(hatred of magic/unicorns being sort of the equivalent of racism, that is), I'd give the suggestion that if/when you feature her parents in future chapters to remember that well-meaning microaggressions and diet racism exists. Even when they get to the point where they're trying to be as supporting and loving as possible, they might still say things they don't know are offensive towards unicorns but actually are. Their hatred of unicorns will take time to get rid of, and mistakes will be made along the way. I want to see more of Honeydew's mom since she seemed a tad more amiable in this chapter.

Don't worry, this definitely wasn't meant to be a complete reversal of their views.
Melon Rind still openly dislikes magic and unicorns. He and his wife are still racist, it's just he has acknowledged that that environment is toxic to Honeydew’s well being.

Basically, he hasn't changed much, he has just agreed with Honeydew that the best thing for her is to live with other unicorns instead of the town she grew up in, so he's minding his own business and leaving her to live her own life.

I have read the stories in the Shipping and Handling trilogy and I must say they are among the best I have read, I had a tear in my eye upon finishing the epilogue of magic of the heart, looking forward to whatever comes next.

I really wish you would write another chapter revolving around honeydew and scuffle I know you probably won’t because this isn’t like your other previous more sprawling stories rather it’s just a collection of one off chapters but I really do love reading about scuffle and honeydew honestly if I could make a suggestion I think you should write another story that focuses exclusively on honeydew and scuffle and follows them on their life together AFTER the events of magic of the heart focus on honeydew and how she now has to cope with her disability how scuffle is helping her adapt and overcome the challenges that come with her new disabilities I know that would be more of a slice of life fiction and you said you’re not particularly good at writing those but iv really enjoyed the first two anecdotes so clearly you’re not as bad as you think so ya just a suggestion but I would really love to follow a story that has more to do with honeydew and scuffle so ya that’s my suggestion

Oh, there will be more stories about Scuffle and Honeydew! Just not right away, because lots of other characters will get stories too.

I've already got at least two more planned that are Scuffle/Honeydew focused, though.


I was just really impressed at how you told this story. And felt a bit ashamed of myself, just as Lucid did, for thinking only one type of pony could create beautiful magic and illusions. You truly made the point that we all have talents and can do wonderful things in a different and sometimes more outstanding way. A wonderful lesson set in a perfect season and place of magic.

Dreams really do come true!

Yo, we shipping these two?

Cuz I'm shipping these two.

Cute cute cute cute cute. I love the focus on a very talented non-unicorn, sometimes we gotta have a reminder that magic isn't the solution to everything! Makes me wonder how an earth pony can break into this business?

I'm glad you liked the story's message!
As I already mentioned to you privately, it took me months to get the first portion of this one written in a way I felt was engaging enough to be worth publishing. Once I actually got past the interview scene, all the rest of it came pouring out in just a matter of days.

I also spent a while trying to make the new characters interesting enough to hold the readers' attention, since I know a lot of people reading this want to hear more about the characters from the novels, so I hope people liked the two of them. I can't say I have any concrete plans for further stories involving Spritz and Shoal at this time, but that doesn't mean they'll never appear again either.

Shipping which two? Spritz and Lucid, or Spritz and Shoal?
Either is a valid theory really, haha.
Thanks for commenting, love hearing your thoughts on these.

I definitely liked Spritz and Shoal! Shoal’s calm and confident manner was a good balance to Spritz and her anxious thoughts and self doubt. It was interesting to see that she didn’t consider her talents as special, even though she knew other pegasi couldn’t make a rainbow the way she did. It was good she had a friend like Shoal who helped keep her hope in her dream active. It really gave her the confidence to jump in and help Lucid in her own special way.
I think Spritz and Lucid are going to have a great working relationship and likely a deep friendship. She and Shoal have a good dynamic and a good friendship, as well. I always enjoy seeing how you bring different personalities and perspectives together, especially when they are synergistic and develop such strong relationships, whether platonic or romantic. You always show that friendship truly is the magic that binds us together.

D'aww, this was super wholesome.

Honestly, I don't know. Shoal and Spritz because Shoal is the grounding wire to Spritz(and a GREAT friend, like c'mon) but Lucid and Spritz because Spritz's crush on Lucid is absolutely adorable. All three? Can we pull that?

And thanks! I just got back into writing fanfiction after a decade of only reading it(not pony-related tho) so I know now more than ever just how much I crave it when people comment on my story lols. I think I did pretty well in commenting on your stuff but I'm trying to do that more often in general!

I'm upset it took me a few days to realize this updated, this one was great. As much as I love the characters from the trilogy, it is nice to see how they're viewed by the rest of the world.

Psh, you're not late, this hadn't even been up for 48 hours yet when you commented.
Glad you liked it though. I hope it doesn't take me 5 more months to write the next one.

I felt late. Someone else had to tell me that it updated. I would have been later otherwise.

This story is so cute and wholesome, and I love it.
I love the SaH universe so much <3

I'm glad you love this universe too.
More stories will be added to Anecdotes of Heart soon!

Eyy, Nester got a promotion! Good for him. However, I imagine the Unique Magical Creatures class might prove a bit of a hassle. No doubt Discord will actually show up once they start trying to analyze how his magic works to mess with everybody a bit. Probably by turning their notebooks into two-headed pigeons or something.

You know, I actually considered adding something in that description about "Discord will be visiting to demonstrate. We tried to decline the offer, but he insisted, and frankly we can't really do anything to stop him" but that broke the tone of the rest of the catalogue so I left it out :rainbowlaugh:

Good for nester! he's moving up in the world!

Love this chapter, scratches the worldbuilding itch for real. I recently got very interested in the universe of the video game Splatoon and created tons of notes on how the world works and am using a story as a way to throw all my ideas out into the world for others to read. lmao. So jealous of these unicorns and their super cool classes! Runes and potions seem to be my cup of tea, but healing magic and some magic bio sound great to me as well. Though, my OC is a pegasus....

I also have an idea of schools the other princesses could be in charge of. With Celestia's being like how you write it(but in the future, allowing nonunicorns to join with an altered curriculum. Say, if Apple Bloom discovered a talent in potion making she could join and take potion making + classes that don't require a horn). Twilight's school of friendship would be more generalized but have an emphasis on other species' magics/also being able to do things without magic. Cadance would have a school of the arts(and can include an emphasis on flighted beings, for the 'art' of flying and such) and Luna a school of science and math(and can include an emphasis on beings with earth magic, to round things out, perhaps this school could be more tech-driven in general, since Luna is often portrayed in fanon as being interested in technology and such.)

Oh, yeah, sorry, ramble, but I do often think about how your universe just fits ooooh so nicely to my idealized headcanon of the schools Equestria may have, lol. If only I could think of a story in which I can throw this idea out into the wild and expand on it!

Can't wait for more!

Regards, ~Sparkler, Dean of Magical Education, Celestia's Academy for Gifted Unicorns

This gives me so much joy, admiration and respect for Sparkler to read this line 😊 She’s come so far

MBIO 510 Emerging Frontiers in Magical Biology Instructor: Professor Chestnut Terms available: 5 Prerequisites: MBIO 500 (Must be taken concurrently) Description: "Emerging Frontiers" courses are very temporary additions to the academy's curriculum, added whenever a specific magical specialization has recently had a major breakthrough that is causing the field to undergo a major restructuring as a result. After a few years, once the new knowledge is widely and fully understood by scholars of that field, the contents of the course will be assimilated with the other permanent courses of the curriculum, but students who are interested in exploring the cutting edge are free to take these temporary courses. Magical Biology is currently undergoing one such renaissance with the very recent discovery of a new and exceptionally complicated spell dubbed 'Lifesight'. Lifesight allows the user to link their heart on a basic level with all living things within a certain radius of the caster. This is accomplished without the unicorn needing to dedicate their full concentration to the mind of their targets, so unicorns can continue to walk, talk, and analyze their surroundings while communing with the ecosystem. So far, Lifesight has been used to detect unseen organisms, make quick work of population studies, send mental suggestions to large groups of organisms at once, and detect ecological trends in an environment by comparing the physical status of dozens or even hundreds of organisms inside the spell's radius. Naturally, a spell with these properties is set to redefine the field once top magical biologists learn to properly cast and further refine the spell. Lifesight's spellweaver, Honeydew, a recent academy graduate and incredibly skilled magical biologist, has agreed to work with the academy's staff for the few years this course is available, and will visit approximately once per month throughout the term to aid in teaching both the theory and practice of Lifesight. At this time, Honeydew remains the only pony who has learned to cast the spell to its full potential, but academy professors and other scholars of magic across Equestria are hard at work practicing and optimizing the means of casting it for wider use.

Out of all the courses I’d be most excited to see, this one by far is the one I’d look forward to reading the most 😊

Yeah that's sure to be an exciting course. The unicorn world is just learning how Lifesight works right now; its obviously an extremely complicated spell that requires great skill with the type of magic used in Magical Biology. Now that Honeydew and Prof. Chestnut are publishing the spell's mechanics, other unicorns will be able to learn to cast it, but even then, it will take practice. Even Professor Chestnut hasn't fully cast it herself yet: for this particular few-week window in time before the other scholars catch up, Honeydew is the only pony in Equestria who has pulled it off.

I’ve been thinking a lot of how it would work, to the point where I’m going to tinker with it in my fic series once I finally get it written out. There’s so much potential

I hate that I don't have the time to read all this. I will probably cross reference it frequently reading other chapters, however, so maybe I'll read it all in time.

This was such an incredibly fun chapter, I really loved spritz's energy all the way through, you can really feel her passion through the whole story and I loved how relaxed yet precise the narration felt when she was making the rainbow, and with the practical illusions near the end! It really made me feel like she was in her element!

Anyways, if you're looking for me, I'll just be in my corner shipping Spritz and Lucid

I'm glad people liked this one. Since it didn't focus heavily on pre existing characters from the novels, I was a bit worried about it.

Quiet comment section you got here.

There was a cartoonish "bwomp", as Gummy expanded outwards and upwards, returning to gargantuan size all at once. "Look at zat!" Madame Le Flour commented. "Not only is ze land returning, ze magic is returning too!"

A bwomp, or a boo-womp?

But seriously, it's nice to see you back. Nearly a year, but this is always a treat.

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