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This story is a sequel to Hocus Pocus

A few years have passed since the events of Hocus Pocus, and the lives of Ditzy Doo and her daughter Dinky have never been more exciting. Dinky's final year of study at Celestia's Academy for Gifted Unicorns is about to begin, and Ditzy's relationship with her coworker, Autumn Breeze, has blossomed into a beautiful partnership.

But when a figure from both ponies' past reappears, events quickly escalate out of control, and soon, Ditzy and Dinky find themselves wrapped up in what may be the greatest crisis Equestria has ever faced.

In this final chapter of the Shipping and Handling trilogy, two ponies learn about the greatest magic of all.

(Excluding the prologue and epilogue, takes place 3+ years after Hocus Pocus, and between seasons 8 and 9 of canon MLP.)

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Very intriguing start. I love the framing device, and it's so nice to see Dinky Doo again.

I've been looking forward to this story for years, and it's certainly starting out interesting.

Ah. It takes a long while to get things right so I don't mind waiting.

Well, we do have a hint as to what that magic might be........

Shipping and Handling was one the very first stories I read on this site, and it's a real thrill to get the final part in this series!

It begins...and its already off to a rockin' start!

About :yay:ing time!
I mean the ending of the chapter. Seriously, Breeze knew her for almost 6 years and you're just NOW proposing?! dude talk about a slow burn.

Well, the reason for that is that Breeze and Ditzy both have kind of traumatic pasts when it comes to relationships. It was revealed at the end of Shipping and Handling that Breeze was once dating Cosmic Glow, whose grudge against him for dumping her lasted many years. And Ditzy, of course, is a widow; her last marriage ended with the death of Dinky's biological father. Both ponies have emotional scars that are hard to overcome, so I think Breeze just wanted to take a nice long time to make sure they were really compatible before taking that next step.

Holy S*buy some apples* there is another one!

Yep, it just started. Keep an eye on it for regular updates!

Well, I’m crying. It’s just so adorable! And I love these characters so much!:heart:

Ah, it’s good to be back in this universe. I’ve missed these characters and your writing style.

I look forward to where this goes. Best of luck to you Pegasus Rescue Brigade, and May Breeze and Ditzy have a long and happy marriage.

I'll be waiting until all the chapters are posted, but I can't wait to read this! :pinkiehappy:

That may take a year or so, but stay tuned! I'll do my best to be quick, but there's a long book coming.

If you think this is adorable, just wait. This book is loaded with sweet character moments.

Alright, let's begin. This is going to be interesting.

Oh yes it's finally happening I can't wait to start reading this

Then do it!" Scuffle urged. "I can't hold it back much longer!"

Missing a quotation mark there.

I'd like to point out I was in a 9 year relationship and didn't propose... good thing too.

Gotta love someone flat declaring that a pair of stories are retroactively part of a trilogy, lol.

Mm, no, this was always intended to be a trilogy, there's evidence of that in some of my blog posts from years ago when I was writing Hocus Pocus.

You're right though that that author's note comes across as... not right for some reason. I removed it.

Wow, I didn't think Dinky knew how to be in two places at once and take the place of her mother! XD.

I'm loving the series, though the point in question is near the very beginning.

Dinky embraced Breeze, holding her new fiancé tightly and completely unable to hold back a broad smile.

Pretty sure that's supposed to be Ditzy XD Though as said, loving this all! Rare to find any typos and such but it's been quite the ride from the beginning.


Seriously? It always felt very complete to me(heck, the first story didn't need any continuation). Still, liked the originals, I strogly doubt I'll find reason to dislike this.

Anyways, I gotta love the idea that anyone but Cosmic could be at fault here. You have a duty to contact the dad, its not his responsibility to keep in touch with you for three months after leaving you to make sure you aren't pregnant.

Of course THAT idiot would show up. Sparkler has all the comic timing of the Bay Of Pigs invasion.......

Hocus Pocus was made to feel complete on purpose, because I wasn't sure if I'd ever get time to write this book and didn't wanna leave any loose ends.

That being said, the (very basic) plot of Magic of the Heart DID exist all the way back in 2014-2015 as I was writing Hocus Pocus. In a blog post almost immediately after the end of the second book, I advertised the potential third book, using the same title it has now. It just took me 3+ years to actually reach a point where I felt I had the time and motivation to write it.

On the topic of the story, you're absolutely right, Glow is the one at fault. She just hid this whole thing on purpose specifically so she could use it to cause trouble someday.

The only downside to beginning a story by framing it as a flashback is that the survival of the world (and at least the narrator) is already given. Toward the end of Hocus Pocus, I truly believed you intended to kill Dinky which would have taken the story in an entirely different direction.

Still reading.

Something tells me that filly would rather be anywhere but here, being used as a play piece in some twisted game.

A medical emergency AND that krutacking idiot Cosmo.

Well, no one can say that they won't earn their happy ending........


I forgot Cosmic existed.

I wish it had stayed that way.


No! Dr. Candyfloss!

Hey! I just went to urgent care a few days ago! Looks like me and Candyfloss synch'd up!

Another great chapter. I can already tell that I'm going to be excited whenever I see this series get updated. I love the different POV's and seeing your take on Celestia's school. I also love how much Dinky and her friends have grown over the years.

I have a feeling we'll see Presto again in this fic eventually. Sparkler's had a hard enough life, she deserves a happy ending.

I'm really glad you liked it. I was worried shifting between Ditzy and Dinky's perspectives might be confusing, but it seems to be going okay. At least I think.
Please let me know more of what you think as the story goes on, I love hearing what people like (or don't like) and what they're theorizing or anticipating. We have a long way to go, so I hope you enjoy the rest.
Chapter 4 will be available before the end of October.

I hope Candyfloss hasn't been poisoned.

Well this was an amazing chapter and it's nice to see the school for gifted unicorns again. Can't wait to see what you're going to do with Inkwell. Can't say I'm a fan of Tango Trot at the moment but we'll see what happens.

what... WHAT?! Oh, you killed him off, you cruel, heartless, sadistic fiend! ...I LOVE IT! You've got my attention by the short hairs and I can't wait see what's next!

I thought after last chapter, Spark was the mysterious partner, but I guess I was wrong. Now I have no idea who else could be behind this... Unless you're taking a page from the show and it's somebody posing as Grogar.

Still, can't wait to see where this goes.

Oh, dear. I wonder who's going to be in charge now.


Goodbye, Dr...

So, if someone else had asked Silverstream out, she'd have loved them just as much, and the only difference is Gallus asked her first? Kind of makes his doubts all the more valid. Silverstream's the type that loves everyone equally, I guess.

That's not QUITE the message I was going for, but it was hard to portray exactly what I meant.

With a lot of the shipping assignments both in the original "Shipping and Handling" and here the resulting dates and relationships are not always very serious right away. The crew of Equestria Speedy Shipping Services just sets the ball rolling, basically.

What Silverstream means is yes, she would have gone to the dance with any of her friends, but being a date to the dance does not, in itself, mean that the two of them are staring a committed relationship or anything like that. What she's trying to convey to Gallus is that just because she cares deeply about all of her friends doesn't mean that he should feel like he has no chance; if he wants to continue to pursue a real one-on-one relationship, she may be interested, but right now, none of her friends have attempted to do so, and all treat her pretty equally, so she treats them equally in turn.

In short: Just because she's showing a great deal of (platonic) affection to all her friends doesn't mean she's incapable of a more serious relationship, and just because she treats him the same as her other friends NOW doesn't mean it has to stay that way in the future. She's up for trying dating, and if it goes well, then it can develop into something more at that time. Silverstream kinda lives in the moment, so until then, she's not worried about it.

I apologize if I conveyed that poorly in the actual story text. If you still think that's not really a good conclusion, then never fear: the student six's role in this book is over now anyway (with the possible exception of Ocellus) so you can just overlook it and focus on the main story if you prefer.

Yep, the very first Original Character in the entire trilogy is gone.
I did say in a blog post before the story began that this installment is rated teen instead of everyone for a number of reasons, and character death is one of them.

I'm glad you're eager for more! Chapter 5 will be available around November 15th, give or take a day or two.

....Ok, I'm definitely smelling a rat here. Scorpio would be a prime suspect but it doesn't fit somehow. It's like there was something opposite of Candyfloss's power that was trying to destroy him, but who would want revenge on Dinky AND have a beef with the doc? A wraith?

Maybe there is more to this, perhaps Candyfloss may not be as dead as everyone thinks.

Unless something REALLY extraordinary has happened, Scorpio should be unable to impact Equestria in any way other than increasing the influence of dark magic every October/November, so you're right that that's a long shot.

Intrigue! I guess you'll have to wait and see if there's more to this then there appears.

I'll be honest I very strongly prefer the second story to the first but I kinda forgot how much I enjoy the little assignments.

It also reminds me, are you planning on doing anything with the couples. AppleTop is probably something you forgot you set up but I'm sure you'll be able to do something that features all the couples, and now the Candyfloss is ... lacking in action I'm sure we'll be having a proper celebration for his efforts.

But anyways wow this chapter threw some curveballs. Tango has premonition, Which is interesting. Bright Spark is back, (Also this is probably me but I don't remember ever seeing a description of her design. Probably just because there is no Offical photograph of her) but, she's not the one who gave Cosmo the note. Interesting. Also Candyfloss... need I say more?

Also Honeydew is precious :heart:

Bright Spark is described in detail just once in Hocus Pocus, in chapter 3. Yellow coat, silver mane, glasses, oil lantern cutie mark.
But you're right, there is no art of her, so you have to add some of the detail yourself.

As for the couples... sorry to disappoint, but no, I'm not really planning to do much of anything with any of them (other than Dinky/Pip obviously). We may see some of them very briefly in one chapter but that's it.
Even Pinkie/Watt, while its been referenced a couple times, isn't gonna be explored. Pinkie doesn't do anything of significance in this story.

Thank you again for your detailed comments, love hearing your thoughts so far!

You are quite welcome.

I have read chapters in stories that are of the same length as yours but, usually intake some breaks in the middle of the chapter.

Your chapters are filled with so much charm that I can breeze through the whole thing I'm one sitting and feel content.

This was a good story to pick for my first time experiencing a progressive update schedule.

I really smiled reading that. I've worked so hard to make the OC's in this series relatable and endearing, and I know the early chapters in some of my novels are a bit slow as far as intense, plot-driving moments, so hearing that the characters' charm keeps things interesting means a lot to me.
(And also that you called Honeydew precious, because Honeydew is my favorite and I love writing her parts :heart:)

I need to warn you that once I get to the later part of the book, I may fail to stick to the very routine once-per-three-weeks update schedule. This isn't for lack of trying; I just don't release my chapters until I'm sure they're how I want them to be, and when I start building toward the finale, I have to be more and more careful that I don't leave any of the many, many plot threads I've weaved together hanging loose. It will be even trickier this time, since I'm essentially telling two stories in one book. At the very least, chapters 5, 6, and 7 are already guaranteed to be released on time, though, so the fic will continue on a regular schedule through the rest of 2019 without any issue.

By all means take your time, considering that, from what I've seen, this chapter doesn't have any mistakes and the extra spent time helps a lot from what I can tell.

I was just randomly scrolling through Dinky romance fics when I found this.

I kind of fan-girled a bit:twilightsheepish:

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