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Twilight awakens in a mysterious underground nightclub to a throbbing headache, with absolutely no memories of how she got there. After investigating her surroundings for a while, she accidentally stumbles into a game of great risk and an even greater reward against a merciless (and bouncy) dealer.

A light-hearted crossover with Mike Klubnika's Buckshot Roulette. No ponies were harmed in the writing of this fic.

Edited by Equimorto.

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>“Nopony likes blue balls. They’re duds, no fun.”
Nice fic.

You yung'uns are into some weird things, I swear.
Still, this is further from the weirdest game trap thingie I've come across. And everyone's more or less happy at the end. So I count that as a win.
Well done, filly.

I've seen BSR/PMMM crossover art on Tumblr, and now there's BSR/MLP fic on Fimfic! Nice job, I really liked this. Captures the game atmosphere well even with the "toned down" nature of the xover.

Okay, seriously great. This adheres to pony so well, and I adore it the most for that. I am super pleased by Twilight’s characterization in this, especially on her second wind.

I didn't even notice that. That's funny. XD

Chef's kiss.
It's beautiful, I've looked at this for five hours now. Honestly now I wanna see what would happen if Discord made his own version. Chaos would ensue.

Budew #7 · January 25th · · 2 ·

I would love to see this turned into a mod.

Impressive blend of tension, strategy, and the kind of tunnel-vision vengeance that can either win or lose a match. Thank you for it.

Pinky is superfluous

Adding only twilight to the game would be interesting.

and leave the dealer

I disagree, I really like Pinkie's characterization here. Her back and forth with Twilight makes it a lot more engaging than if Twilight were just dealing with the BSR Dealer. She's also really in character- this is exactly how Pinkie would make Russian Roulette (Stalliongrad Roulette?) safe and fun.

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