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Discord had never cared much for trivialities such as centuries. But now?

Now he has too little time.

Written for Bicyclette's second A Thousand Words contest in the category 'Horror'.

Proofread by Equimorto and Jessi.

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For many ponies there is a darkness deep inside their souls that no light could triumph over. For Celestia there is a blinding light.

Written for Bicyclette's second A Thousand Words contest in the category 'Drama'.

Proofread by Equimorto with further help from Jessi.

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Work in the orchard had always brought Applejack joy. Seeing her cherished trees grow and her apples shine never failed to put a smile on her face—even if those smiles have grown a little dull as of late. She never once complained about an honest day's work.

But now, like so many times before, she has to visit the one place that appears dark even in the brightest of days. The place that reminds her of her failure.

Written for Bicyclette's second A Thousand Words contest in the category 'Slice of Life'.

Dramatic reading by StraightToThePointStudio.

Thanks to Equimorto and Jessi for proofreading and the Anons of /fimfic/ for giving feedback.

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Decades passed after the banishment of the Sun Tyrant and the return of the rightful Sovereign of the Moon. Life resumed its course, even if not exactly in the same fashion, despite the hushed whispers of Solar rebels in plain sight and dark carriages stopping at ponies' homes at night.

Applejack herself knew or cared little about this, however. As long as she had her farm, her family, and—most importantly—her apples, all was well.

At least until she harvested the wrong tree, and met the wrong pony at the worst possible time...

Now with a review!

A ponyfic adaptation of the 1969 Hungarian cult-classic, a TanĂş (The Witness). No prior knowledge is assumed or necessary. For more details, please see the blogpost.

Proof- and preread by Equimorto and Jessi.

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Before the days of the palace-city of Canterlot, the Princesses held their court and personal cities deep in the Everfree. In Luna's city of Equinox a mare loses her fortune and decides to visit the bridge connecting her home with the city of the Sun.

There she meets a fate far worse than the loss of one's wealth...

Inspired by Híd-avatás.

Proofread by Equimorto, Not That Anon, and Etyco Filly. Thank you again!

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After Equestria faced a crippling tragedy, the dozens of petty lords, who until then all counted their remaining days, suddenly set their sights with renewed malice on how they could get rid of the one remaining pony who threatened their rule.

Some didn't shy away from even the most despicable of methods, changing a colt's life forever.

Proofread by Not That Anon and Equimorto. Thank you very much again!

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A white mare stands next to a creek, clutching a white dress. She lowers it into the water. She waits. She raises it out. She was there yesterday. She will be there tomorrow.

And she washes.

Yet the spot still remains.


Inspired by The Ballad of Agnes.

Proofread by Not That Anon and /fimfic/. Thank you again!

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Three stalkers stumble upon a small creature in the yellow moonlight. Against their better judgment they decide to help it get home.

A fic loosely based on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. universe, inspired by an old Russian MLP audio-fic.

Proofread by Equimorto.

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The Equestrian Herald

Brave Guards apprehend trio of criminals

Exclusive interview with Pvt. Red Tape, one of the five ponies responsible for apprehending the infamous griffon crime band known as the Forest Claws. For more details flip to pages 6 and 7.

Crime rates continue to plummet

In a recent report from Chief Justice of the Crown, the Equestrian Guard continues to measure less and less crime happening despite the country’s rapid expansion. For theories and statistics see page 8.

In historical turn of events, Crown approves griffon immigration

When asked, the lucky griffon, named Gavallo, refused to comment in detail. He merely claimed it was Harmony itself that wished to see him move to Equestria. See more on page 9.

A story which started out as merely an attempt to practice writing fight scenes.

Mildly inspired by (though completely unrelated to) the works of Captain Neckbeard.

Thanks to /fimfic/ and Equimorto for proofreading.

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It didn't take too long until the armies of the Endless Night reached a small tributary of Her Radiance's Crown, next to the far-reaching borders of the Heartlands. With its forces broken and ponies cowed, only a single fort remained between the Crescent Queen and an unshakable foothold into Equestria.

But where soldiers failed another force may yet prevail...

A ponyfic rewrite of The Bards of Wales.

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