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Fabulous Introduction Time! · 11:28pm Dec 4th, 2012

Sooooooo with my first posted story, I guess I ceased to be a silent lurker in the shadow, who is nameless and rarely does anything, and stepped into the world of authors, who produce art for this fanbase.

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FIMFiction has pretty-sparkly snowflakes all over the place that lag my computer
I got tonloads of fanfics to read all of them with 10,000 word chapters
Then my favourite LetsPlayer uploads 6 hours of videos.

But of course it's not like any of you wondered how did I become grumpy cat.

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Yo dawg I herd you liked Cuddlequest of Earth so I wanted to thank you for doing that

wowzards a guy sending hearts to hungarians and knows the other hungarian guy

u dont understand, then u shud rly learn hungarian. i know it wud be completely useless, frustrating and wouldnt get you anywhere but at least u wud understand us and u know the saying: "every minute not spent with heavy drinking is a useful minute."
tho im not sure if such saying exists.

yep, it is a reference to that, and is somewhat inspired by the song, but truth to be told i started writing it sooner than i heard the song, so dat guy got nothing on me.
tho i had to rename it after i discovered some kinda dipshit already used it as a fanfic name here and i was afraid people will attack me with rocket launchers for plagiarism. fun side of the story is that I already printed out its cover and put it on my wall, so if i wanted to be up to date i would have to waste shitloads of ink again~

Aw shit. Another hungarian. And you know the other hungarian guy. Huh.

You know, I wanted to say something clever, but you two are talking in a language I don't understand, so I'll post the emoticon that I never use and that's all. This comment shall be the most useless comment I've ever posted.


Hah. A heart. Funny.

Also, I bet 'In Umbra Luna Est' is a reference to The Moon Rises? Man, I like that song. I once sang it to Lucky Roll twice just to piss him off.


OBJECTION! Nekem is van döglött macskám! Mármint a dög már nincs meg, de tudod, hogy értem.
Ám ha semmi sem szegi kedved, még mindig gondolhatsz arra, hogy jól összeszpemeteltem a júzerpédzsedet.

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