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We all love that crazy gator. Whether he's baking, adorably attempting murder, being philosophical, or just plain cute. Here, we all celebrate him, and maybe that pink party pony.

Here are the rules.

1.) No cussing, please.
2.) Be considerate of others
3.) If someone puts a story in a folder, and you don't like it, please don't insult it.
4.) Of course we all know no NSFW stuff.
5.) Have fun!

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400313 Then allow me to give this group its first fic.

400312 Yeah, that's fine.

400311 :twilightsmile:

Also, I have a fic in which Gummy is slowly being introduced as a silent guardian/watcher of his world, although the main focus doesn't revolve around him. Is this fic also acceptable for this group?

400309 And thank you for the follow.

400307 Start by clicking the edit button next to the group's name.

Click the folder button.

Click the create folder icon.

Fill in the name, info, and whatnot. Then click save on the bottom of the page.

400305 I am really embarrassed, but how do you create a folder?

400049 Just so you know. If you want people to put their fics into a folder, you first need to create a folder for them to put their fics in.

Sup, Twister Blitz!

Hi, Majestic potato pheasant!

  • Viewing 1 - 12 of 12
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