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If men find out we can shape-shift they are going to tell the church

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Melody Breeze sent her letter at least a couple weeks ago, maybe more. She lost track of time in her lonely cozy art room. She soon got a reply from her Penpal, but something about her Penpal doesn't quite seem right.... Maybe it's because her Penpal also of giving a cry for help? Either way, it was clear her Penpal seemed to be one of the same mind.


This is a fan sequel belonging to the fantastic story Just Reply by Flutterpriest, who was kind enough to allow me to write my own story.

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I saw the signs. I saw the proof. I should have acted, swallowed my pride, told Celestia it was all my fault. But I was scared. Scared for my title, my freedom. If I wasn't so selfish, Fluttershy would be here with us. But she's not. I stare at the blood sucking creature with her face, and yet not her face. What monster have I allowed to flourish? I feel guilt. I have cost countless ponies lives. Fluttershy included. I have no voice, but I must scream. No one knows I am responsible, but I keep hearing the same sentence over and over again.
Why did you keep hush, Twilight Sparkle?
And to be honest, I don't know.

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Chrysalis was thinking of new ways to take over Equestria when a wild thestral flies into her secret cave. She is given a hot donut from a bazooka. When she takes a bite, she is suddenly on a quest. To give these beautiful, delicious creations to every creature ever! But she needs everyone to trust her. How about she becomes.... A hero? It will be hard work, but it is worth it for the power. Of donuts!!! Unfortunately, the other princesses and elements.... Donut really know how to deal with this self-proclaimed Donut Princess of Justice.

(Warning, hilarities, crazy Chrysalis, hot donuts, bad puns, and chaos are in this story. It might make you loose brain cells. Read at your own risk!)

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Ancient evil returns. The elements of harmony fight back. Good prevails. A nice, storybook ending for each and every situation.

Except, this isn't a storybook.

This is something else. The characters are accurate, but the setting has changed. The story has changed. Is there truly a hero and villain, or perhaps are the roles switched? History was written by the winners, after all.
It is the survivors who tell the true story.

(Finally, I have started working on a project I've had in my head since I was 14. Yes, six years later, and here I am writing it as it was meant to be. This story has been rewritten a dozen times, but I am finally satisfied with the direction it is headed. Thank you for giving it a chance ahead of time, it means the world to me. I'm not looking to write a masterpiece, but I am looking to write a story. I hope you enjoy.)

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