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Miss Cheerilee is a well-respected teacher in Ponyville for her kind, loving care for her students and cheerfulness in troublesome times.

But how did she become a teacher? How did she grow into the mare she is today? Follow eight scholars in the exciting world of college.

Cover image belongs to the very talented SketchinEtch on DeviantArt.

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Everypony who might read this...

The Chronicles of a Ponyville Teacher is dedicated to the two Cheerilee groups on here. They've got heart, and we need more ponies to help us give that cute little school teacher well-deserved love. Can you please donate a bit of your time and join up? It'd help a lot for a good cause for her.

Thank you for reading,

Picture alone makes me want to read it. Will follow :pinkiesmile:

Young Cheerilee? ...You have my attention.


Best cover art ever. :pinkiehappy:

It will, won't it?
Thanks! It's a good artist, trust me.:twilightsmile:
Thanks! 8D
There aren't enough young Cheerilee stories, yet I know 4 popular ones about her in general. She's just a fun, fun character...:twistnerd:

Well, wouldja look at that! Not-teacher Cheerilee fic! haven't seen one around before so have a like mate! :twilightsmile:

No obvious grammar errors or typos...:pinkiehappy: Definitely tracking!

Oh boy. This is gonna be good :pinkiehappy:

Thanks! I pride myself on my grammar. Agreed that there are no not-teacher Cheerilee stories and even few about her in general.
It sure will! I'm working on the next chapter as we speak! :pinkiehappy:

This is turning out quite well! Feel free to add it to the group if you want. Your spelliing and grammar puts me to shame lol :rainbowlaugh: You earn a like from me!:twilightsmile:

Thank you for the praise and like! I already added it to the Cheerilee groups. Like I said before, I pride myself on my grammar. :raritywink:

1591609 You are welcome. And yes, your grammar is excellent.

:twilightsmile: I owe it to the site! And to that sweet little teacher. :scootangel::twistnerd:

1591678 Lol yep! Good luck with your future chapters and projects and again if you ever need advice ect. Just send me a comment!:twilightsmile:

Thanks! I certainly will do my best and, if I work for about thirty more minutes, the next chapter's gonna be up!:pinkiehappy: And it appears to be settling well with the crowd!

Apparently it didn't go down like I expected, but it'll be up by tonight. Or tomorrow. But right now, I have to disreguard everything but the season premiere!



1592568 Same for me!! I can't wait!! Its so awesome! also did you see the commercial about people thanking the Hub and Bronys for making MLP so popular and spreading the love?

Yep! It was the funniest one ever! Rainbow Dash jousting with Fluttershy? :fluttershbad::facehoof:

And, if Equestria Daily is correct, I already know all of the episodes but two... :fluttercry: They'll be gone so fast...

1593367 Lol that was just funny. and Twilight making her house fly upward :rainbowlaugh: And those episodes are accurate

Precisely! It was funny! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Plus, there's been rumors of a Fluttershy episode. Apparently she turns into a dragoness.

But, more officially, Rarity and Applejack turn into little fillies in one episode. :unsuresweetie: :sweetiediobolical:

1593381 Yeah i saw that XD filly Applejack was so cute! Fluttershy...a dragon....lol! Trixie comes back in episode 5.

I know! I'm probably most excited about Sleepless Ponyville... Scootaloo is my favorite pony, after all, and she needs an episode! :scootangel: It'll be an awesome season.

"I only had three sticks and a drinking straw, but I made it work."
*crystal pony with hat of those materials shows up*

1593403 Lol A lot of the secondary ponies have episodes on this season. like the VmC, Luna, Zecora and Trixie ect. and There are hints that Twilight will become an Alicorn at some point now.

One of the other episodes, perhaps? If it is, there'll be one other.

CMC have a bunch for normal; I LIKE IT!!! :twistnerd::scootangel::unsuresweetie::applecry:

1593423 The CmC episode is apparently going to cover bully's as well. And who knows.

Eeyup. And the one that Rarity and Applejack turn into fillies... :scootangel:

1593441 That'll be a cute episode :3

I'll put any author's notes as comments. This chapter was a little short, of course, but the next one will likely be much more detailed.

Also, I tried to get an image in here, but it didn't work. Ah well. I hope you had fun reading it! :twilightsmile:

This doesn't have all the likes and attention it deserves... :unsuresweetie:

1597656 Ahem, it should read "square roots," not "square routes."

Still, precious little story.

1609720 I'll fix that right away! Thanks a ton! :scootangel:

I was away for the weekend... but it's up!

C'est tres bien. :raritywink: J'approuve.

Thanks! :twilightsmile: Also for the favorite. I'm working towards Chapter 3; it'll probably be longer than these other chapters.

Thanks for the response and image! Yep, that Doctor is such a gentlecolt... Cheerilee better watch out, he's older than she is!

I hated school when I was a kid. Now I kinda miss those times :fluttershysad: sigh...

Just a thing, if you allow me to ask:

Before any of us could respond, she let out a battle screech and attacked the wall.

The last line shifts from third person to first person. Was it intentional, or is it a mistake?

If it was intentional, I apologize :twilightblush:

Super sorry, it can be hard writing a story explicitly from one pony's view in third pony sometimes... :facehoof: Anyway, it's fixed.

1735266 Dont worry, anyone can make a mistake :twilightsmile:

The other day I was re-reading one of my other fics and I discovered that I had made the exact same mistake :pinkiegasp: I mixed the narrative tenses in one sentence :twilightblush:

It isn't a hard mistake to make. As for me, I'm working on twenty other stories in third pony omniscient, third pony limited, first pony, narrator in first pony changing every chapter... everything but second pony view. And I'll doubtfully publish them. :trollestia:

1737830 Wow :pinkiegasp: That's a lot of stories you're working on!

I usually only work on one story at a time, and they're usually one-shots. I'm very lazy :twilightblush:

Well, you can't be the most active writer on the planet. That's my job. :ajsmug:

But, seriously, I have my main projects. Chronicles of a Ponyville Teacher should get more attention, but I have epics that'll be super long in the works. I only might publish some. At least you share your work with readers... :twilightsheepish:

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