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A role playing group for those looking for something new.


1. Hume= The strongest race in selonia, can hit hard and has a high defence. It is strong and fast.

2. Furling= just like the hume it has high speed and high attack. Defense is low and is able to use magic. Known spells: Fire, Thunder, Ice, Cure.

3. Deamon= Demonic beings with high defense and strength. Attack and speed is low but magic power is high. Known Spells: Fire2, Ice2, Thunder2, CureAll, DeathCurse(Can only be used once per day).

Classes: Archer, Knight, Celestial Wizard, Theif, Shadow Lord.


1. You must be preasent for all meetings if you want to level up your character.

2. Must choose a race and character class IE: Deamon Archer ect....

3. No bad mouthing

4. Have fun.

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284502 go to the message baord for the rules and how to create the character first. As certain races have certain classes

Ill be a Deamon Knight.

284497 I know, but I fear this will have the piss ripped out of me,

this will sadly be the last comment you will hear from me, goodbye:fluttercry:

284495 And the first thing you do is break the rules... :pinkiegasp:

Sorry, but fuck this shit. Not what I expected from you...

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