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An Irish girl who reads, writes, reviews, and occasionally draws. Don't worry though. My hair isn't black, my eyes aren't blue, and I'm not from Galway, so you won't be losing your heart to me.


We are the Elements of Harmony. Spirits, we have existed since the beginning of time. We cannot create or destroy. We inhabit the souls of creatures who match our aspects. We will watch as the world rises, and watch as it grows. Eventually, we will be forced to watch the end.

But at least we will always remain strong together, right?

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I was looking forward to the school tour for a really long time! We were going to the beach, and I love the beach. I love the bus trip as well, singing and talking with my friends. But then we drove into a tunnel. I've never really liked tunnels, but it's always been fine because my friends were there. We always try to hold our breath the whole way through the tunnel, which is a lot of fun.

Today, we couldn't hold our breath the whole way through, because the bus never came out of the tunnel.

Set in the Ponies After People universe, inspired by Starscribe's The Last Pony on Earth.

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So I went to bed as normal last night, dreading school and whatnot. Next thing I know, I'm a dragon, everyone is missing, and time seems to have gone on without me.

Now I have to find other survivors, figure out what exactly happened to the world, and battle with instincts that tell me to eat rocks and hunt every small thing that moves. It doesn't help that the others are ponies that run away from me when they see me.

Help. I need an adult.

Set in the Ponies After People universe, inspired by Starscribe's The Last Pony on Earth. Check it out, it's a great story and universe.

Awesome cover art done by Grammar404

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Deep beneath the surface of Equestria lies an ancient and untouched kingdom. A place no surface-dweller has seen for thousands of years. Even the alicorns of the sun and moon are unaware of its existence.

This kingdom is inaccessible and isolated, leading to a vast and colourful culture completely different to the world above. Once a disastrous encounter with the world above leaves the kingdom wide open, they may just have to abandon their isolationist policies.

Also contains Slice of Life elements, but Fimfiction won't let me have both.

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Letters are standard fare in Equestria. They can bear good news or bad news, they can relay lessons learned, or they can simply be used to keep correspondence between the ponies of Equestria.

That last aspect is what we're focusing on here. Some are funny, some are sad, and some may even be romantic, but at end of the day, it's nothing more than a bunch of letters between friends.

Inspired by the Ace Attorney fanfiction Just a Note, by MadFox32, which you can read here.

This is a series of letters sent between various inhabitants of Equestria, with pairs ranging from Twilight Sparkle and Celestia, to Rainbow Dash and Steven Magnet. But I can't possibly be expected to come up with all of the pairs, now can I?

That's where you come in, dear readers. Have an idea for a letter? Then tell me about it, no matter how strange or ridiculous, and I will do my best to accommodate you.

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"No one had told us victory was like this."

Equestria was a peaceful land, free of strife and violence. Then the war came and shattered that peace. Homes were destroyed, families were split in half, and thousands were killed.

A group of soldiers come to a small village to inspect the damage they have caused and ensure the village won't cause any more trouble.

What they find will change their minds forever...

Based on the poem Conquerors by Henry Treece. This was written as practice for capturing the melancholy atmosphere of war, for a collab I'm writing in.

Dramatic reading by Solar Pony.

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The extremely awesome, sexy, and strong Princess JumpingShinyFrogs (JSF) goes for a walk through Ponyville. The only problem is, she's so sexy and awesome that everyone wants to start trouble out of jealousy!

She's going to be kicking a lot of asses today.

I honestly could not tell you what was going through my head when I wrote this. Seriously. I've been sick, I fell asleep and suddenly this was in my Gdocs when I woke up.

Um...this is a satire? Yeah, let's go with that. Not to be taken seriously at all.

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Niamh, an introverted student of veterinary science, finds herself transported to a strange world inhabited by ponies. Of course, that means becoming one herself. Now she must prove to the other ponies that she is not the 'Nightmare Moon' they think she is, and earn their trust, while they must earn hers. Especially this 'Princess Luna' character.

But two questions stand out above the rest as being truly important: How did she get there, and why?

Featured 19/03/14 Didn't expect that.

Amazing cover art was done by the extremely talented MrFulp.

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Candle Light, a safety inspector from the alicorn homeland, is sent to Ponyville on an important mission to assess Princess Twilight's fire safety regulations.

Pinkie Pie gets the wrong impression.

Hilarity ensues.

This story was written as part of a Rage Reviews contest to see who could write the best story featuring a red-and-black alicorn OC as the protagonist.

Adorable cover art by Enderstorm!

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A long time has passed since Twilight and her friends first discovered the Elements of Harmony, and she has since become a full-fledged alicorn princess. In that time, she's done many great things.

But the one thing she hasn't done is tested herself. She's never seen the full extent of her powers.

Growing bored of Equestria, and seeking the ultimate challenge, Twilight decides to see just how powerful she really is by attempting the impossible.

Creating her own world.

Idea taken from a brainstorming thread and used with permission from Kapuchu.

Special thanks to Conicer for the epic cover art!

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