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An A10 Warthog

I write fanfiction. About ponies. And relevant topics. I hate these things so much, as I have a lot to say and no where near enough room to say it.


This morning, an A-10C Thunderbolt II stationed at Osan Air Base in South Korea was vandalized. The pilot of the aircraft, one Captain Lawrence J. Robinson, has been declared M.I.A. The aircraft itself has not been found and a search and recovery effort is currently underway.

Lawrence Robinson, a Hog pilot in the United States Air Force, was on a standard training exercise and it seemed to be going well. Then he was in a land of colorful ponies. He must have missed looking in that one spot under the fuselage during the preflight.

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Well, looks like I know what I'm reading tonight.

I was thinking of doing something along the same lines, except with future me in a F-35 (yes I am gonna be a fighter pilot....I hope).

Eeeh, not horrible in the sense of horrible writer syndrome, you're obviously a capable author. There's just a major issue of stuff happening too quickly.

More notably, and personally, the landing. It felt that it went too smoothly with a runway that wasn't designed for big, metal, alien jets. I had to read through that paragraph again to make sure that I didn't miss something, cause it just went through too quickly.

Now, other than that, no errors in terms of the English language, and I'm confident that you can improve. I just hope this story doesn't stall out going: "Ok! I got the human and his plane into Equestria! They'll be so surprised with their different cultures, and the ponies will gawk at the humans technology! Then... what... oh crap I didn't think people would want me to get this far." Then cue the next chapter never.

Look forward to future chapters.

3025518... I have something you might be interested in... Skies Ablaze :rainbowdetermined2:

so far, so good :twilightsmile:
looking forward to seeing where this leads :rainbowdetermined2:

If you're even in the service when the F-35 is used. They're still training pilots how to use them. And even then, it's you'd probably be flying an F/A-18 if you make it all the way...
But hey, F-18s are cool :pinkiehappy:

3026309 Canada uses the CF-18, so that is still a possibility.

Oh... Then what the hell are you doing talking about flying a Lockheed-Martin aircraft? Slim chance they'll get to the RCAF...

3026334 The CF-35 is actually going to enter Canadian service.

Unless you're young enough that it'll give us enough time to successfully master the aircraft. It's not even in service with the USAF yet.

Ah, Osan air base. I sometimes see CH-53s heading there. I only saw A-10 once.:ajsmug:

Oh hey, a self insert.*looks at Authors name*:trollestia:

It's a good read, very good indeed. Everything seems to be in order, and major props for the radio and naming usage; actually sounding formal over the radio and calling them by Mustang 2-1 etc. instead of constantly calling them by the individual callsign of the pilot. Still I can't help but feel we're starting to beat a dead horse with the Military in Equestria bit. I've seen so many fics that send a pilot/soldier/ship to Equestria.I was kind of hoping for something along the lines of the plane getting sent without the pilot and the ponies figuring it out for themselves (Though the comedy tag provides a good twist). And, this is I think the 2nd or 3rd with the A-10 specifically. I get that you love the Warthog (Who doesn't) but this same basic situation's been used already. Weather or not this story stands out from the rest, which i'm guessing it will (again based on the comedy tag), will depend mostly on what happens while he's in Equestria, which the norm is defending them from some evil because his lone plane (or really any military aircraft, for that matter) is the most powerful weapon there. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's more in the way they do it; which is usually go there, agree to help, kill bad guy, and go home again.

Why exactly does almost every Pilot in Equestria story have to have modern USAF jets? Why not send a P-51 Mustang? That'd be interesting. Or maybe a B-52, MiG-31, or even an AH-64? There's so many more possibilities to this genre's stories, equipment, and setting that haven't been tried yet.

On a side note, thank you so much for having the common sense to actually point out the Squadron the aircraft belong to; something few writers actually do.
It's something that always get's under my skin with any military fic about not knowing their unit.

My favorite plane in equestria? Seems interesting.

Pretty good. An actualy reasonable and slightly realistic reaction for a pilot being magically teleported to equestria.

3026745 That's cause two took off...
But only one landed... :rainbowderp:

At that air base anyway. :rainbowwild:

Well, continue this good sir!:pinkiehappy:
Shows promise.

I actually thought only the plane itself was gonna be in equestria:rainbowlaugh:

Admittedly it’s hardly ideal, and you wouldn’t want to rely on such measures long‐term but I’m not really seeing an issue here; the A‐10 can — and has — landed on and taken off from worse. Hell, it could even land on dirt or gravel were it even slightly hard packed.

Might have potential, but seems to me you're trying to speed through the story to get to the 'juicy' bits.

Story feels rushed, improbable regarding certain scenes (most notable the landing), and from the standpoint of the human (even if he's trained) far to accepting of what is happening to him. I mean, it's technicolored flying ponies that seem to fly along-side him, not a bald eagle or condor or something. I'd personally would start to suspect someone drugged me, and I'm hallucinating. Not the most desired situation when piloting I suppose.

Oh, and only Spitfire waiting for him? And the ponies knowing he's going to need an airstrip of sorts to touchdown? The flyby of Canterlot would've probably brought half the guard out, and tho I would more or less expect him to find the airstrip by accident, I doubt Spitfire solo would be the one to welcome him. And if she did, not in the semi-relaxed manner she's shown to have.

For a prologue I'd have expected just the scene with the device being planted. Chapter 1 might be the flight itself ending with the boom. Chapter 2 the flight over Equestria, where Chapter 3 could pose the landing. For a prologue you seem to want to cram WAY too much in here. With a decent amount of fleshing out scenes and thinking things through as to 'what would someone/somepony really do' to make the whole story more believable, this could still lead somewhere.

Got a good laugh out of this one.

A Spitfire would be awesome. The thoroughbreds of the sky.

I MUST KNOW! Is the front cannon loaded? Please tell me its loaded! I would love to see a bad guy get shredded by (sorry i cant remember the caliber the front minigun fires) a minigun that can put holes in a tank! Oh and please write more :raritywink:

3036719 Most likely it would be loaded as the 'training exercise' is more or less a patrol to intimidate the North Koreans.

this is pretty good and was the plane armed with missiles and a gatling gun or it just a training exercise?

Ah, I was wondering if you would write something like this. :twilightsmile:

Definitely looking forward to more! :rainbowdetermined2:

An A10 Warthog, trying to fly under My RADAR? I'm sorry son, but that is...

I have an alternate title (for the prologue) to suggest...
ERGHMAHGERD Ponies, Dump Flares!

Oh, there's a surprise.

Oh the irony...
flying small colourful horses. Ponies? Nah
... lets name them Purtigals!


Damn I thought this was going to be good:fluttershyouch:

3028277 kind of an off question but are you an air cadet? It would make sense if you were

Ok everyone lets do some math Wolf style....
Everyone what is a 30mm minigun + a unarmored pastel-colored pony? A very messy death:pinkiesick: but still i wat MOAR:flutterrage: if its ok :fluttershbad:

3068492 that's strange my squad is called black knight but we are 779 :rainbowhuh:

I'm noticing a few small details in terms of aviation accuracy that are bothering me slightly. For one, I highly doubt training exercises would be conducted along the DMZ; that would most likely be a combat air patrol. Another is that a low electrical power would be indicative of either a faulty battery or generator, and while either would be serious neither would pose any substantial risk to the aircraft. I will give you that this was probably only a symptom of something going on. Anything smaller then that would probably be nitpicking, so I'll leave it. (Like runway 09 would be read 'Zero-Niner' and not runway Niner.)

Aside from all that, I'm pretty interested in this, so I'll favorite and follow.

Rainbow brony i have to ask a little question. WHERE IS MY GOD DAM SEQUAL!!! AS A CRITIC I COMMAND YOU TO MAKE THE NEXT CHAPTER NOWWWWWW!!!!:flutterrage:

Interesting enough...you have my mark of approval, I wanna see where this goes :pinkiehappy:

A-10, the greatest plane ever built, in Equestria. You have my attention, good sir.

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