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"That moment when you're offered more after doping up to your limit..."

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I remember that fateful hunting trip. It was just me, my rifle, and the prey. That was supposed to be it. Score a big buck and come home with the kill. That was not the case here as nothing could have prepared me for the outcomes of that day. As I was following a trail, I stumbled upon a cave of sorts. Curiosity got the better of me and I found the most beautiful crystal I had ever seen. And like a moth to candle flame, I touched it. And man, as soon as I laid finger on that stone, everything changed. As cliche as that sounds, it’s the truth. Stranded in the middle of no where, I am now the chosen light among the chaos in this new world. Armed with nothing but my rifle and my wits, a world of wonder and magic is up for the taking. Thus my new life and adventure begins. And before I go, know that I’m in this game till the end.

- Jack Cobalt

Note of 11/29/18. Made it briefly onto the Feature page. I am very happy for how long I earned said spot. Even though it was shortly lived. 😁

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