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Productive faffer

*Something profound.*

Stories that I'm more than likely probably maybe not working on, kinda

Uh, hey... wasn't expecting you...

Me on Fanfiction: Prodictive faffer

Me on funnyjunk: productivefaffer

If you're curious, my stories are all more or less on hiatus, only, I kind of don't have the heart to put them officially on hiatus, so, keep that in mind at least. Why not put them on hiatus? Well, I've seen too many stories go on hiatus and never come off. It just sort of says 'I'm giving up, but not really, but I am." Of course, that's just me, you do you internet. You do you.

Btw, did you notice you did the whole conversation based around one word thing? Kinda weird how we do that...

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Good to hear your doing well, and sorry your story didn't live up to your expectations

Good as can be, thank you. I appreciate your comment, but I think I've gotten to the point with Assassin's Song that every time I go back and look at it, I only see the ways in which it doesn't live up to what I wanted it to be.

The old 'every artist hates everything he made 5 years ago' chestnut.

Honestly just kinda wish I hadn't named him Blood Moon at this point.

I'm glad you enjoyed my fist story, all the same :)

Read "The Assassin's Song" years ago but didn't have an account but now I do so thanks for writing such a good story. On another note, no one has sent you a message in almost 2 years so how are you doing?

Welcome to Epic Adventure, High Fantasy, and Sci-Fi!

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