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Name Change, YouTube Channel, and Twitch Channel · 12:36pm Dec 29th, 2016

Hey there fellas, Official Taco here, and I just wanted to announce that I am retiring my old account name Nova Burst and now go by my YouTube channel's name, Official Taco. Also, I got a YouTube Channel! While not MLP oriented, I just make random videos for all of you to enjoy! Another Thing is, I also opened a Twitch Channel by the same name, where I play random games twice a week!

Youtube Channel : Official Taco Channel

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Starting New Group, Listen Up Children! · 9:09am Jan 18th, 2015

Starting January 18, 2015, I will be crating a group called the Protectors of Equis Collaboration Group, and anyone is welcome to join!

Hope to see you there, and as always, Have a Beautiful day!

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Here, Take this scenario as a story idea! · 4:17am Jan 18th, 2015

"It surely took you long enough to get back your power Tirek." Twilight looked around for the pony that made such a comment. How did this pony know Tirek, and why did it sound ethereal? "hmm, and here I thought you were dead, how did you manage to live after the onslaught the gods gave you?" Responded Tirek, almost sounding tense at hearing this voice. "Do you really think that those power-hungry fools could defeat me? I'm disappointed at your lack of faith in me." The voice chided, scolding

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Twitch Stream this week · 4:24am Dec 26th, 2014

Don't know if you guys will care or not, but I will try a hand on broadcasting on Twitch for this week.

have a good day guys, and if you see me streaming, why not take a look?

Username: Diegothedestroyer

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Well then, Fuck my town! · 8:00am Jun 21st, 2014

As it turns out, my town fucking hates me now. I had to literally ask every high school girl, Every single ONE of them, to go to a date with me.

Guess what I got for a response...... "Hell no, you look fucking ugly, and also you sound like a homo."

I mean, what the fuck!? I never try to give anyone problems, but they just have to give me a problem to deal with every single FUCKING DAY!!


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I just don't know what to do, I'm Pissed off! · 3:23am Oct 15th, 2013

Today I had read a story called A Marine and His Ponies and it had seriously pissed off for some reason.
And that's not all, I even started to question if I wanted to even get on this site anymore..........
I don't know what happened but While I was reading the story I just got pissed off at the fact that the character din't have a say in the matter what so f***ing ever and I guess that just made me blow my stack...

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The House Of The Dead · 11:03pm Aug 13th, 2012

The House.......Of the Dead!

[Click Here To get The Game]

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Shoutout · 8:50am Aug 11th, 2012

I would like to give a shout out to Bronynathan, for Helping me get an idea of a story!

that's all folks!

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Question: F-zero in Equestria? · 9:29pm Aug 4th, 2012

If Anyone can answer this please tell me. I'm planning to make an F-zero In Equestria fic. Should I do it?

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