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Been awhile since we talked, but I'm here just to ask a question. When we eventually get a sequel to the JP RPG, which scenario would you rather cover first? Nublar or the San Diego Incident?

Though it has been said in lore that Godzilla fought the final battle against humanity in Japan, during the MechaGodzilla scene we see early in the film... And on another note, the post-credits scene where Haruo sees a native earthling shouldn't have been much of a surprise considering that it was foreshadowed in the prequel novel that the evacuating ships only carried a select amount of the population, leaving the vast majority to fend for themselves on Earth...

Oh, I read it as Amalgam'verse. Sorry, it was early and I was at a job interview for about four hours yesterday. But, yeah, it's definitely strange.

I know Monsters don't care where they land, and I'm talking about the Netflix Anime'verse, not the Bridge. I'm just noting on how curious it is that in the Anime lore, America was the place for a lot of early major Kaiju events instead of Japan.

Well, when you're a giant monster, you don't really care when're you show up. Plus, as an author, Tarb probably wanted to keep parts of the story close to home. People tend to do that in general. Most of Stephen King's books take place in Maine, the Potter books all take place in the UK, etc.

  • Viewing 10 - 14 of 14
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