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Sonata Dusk is kinda confused. Sure, she and the other Sirens were defeated at their own game and left powerless, homeless, and hungry, but Adagio and Aria are taking this whole thing, like, WAY too seriously.

Only one thing is absolutely, positively guaranteed to cheer them up.

It's time for a taco run!

Now with 20% more Feels! :pinkiesad2:

Also now with a TVTropes page (apparently)! :rainbowderp:

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Something tells me I should watch Rainbow Rocks first...

Thanks! :twilightsmile:

Ooh, das a good point... I felt it was kind of obvious, but should I put a spoiler warning in description just in case? :rainbowderp:

Taco Time is the best time, :moustache:


>> MrAskAPirate You probably should. I just haven't seen it yet because I don't have the Hub. Or money for tickets. Or time to go to the theaters. :ajsleepy:

I have no idea how to do reply tags, I'm new to this site and I don't use 4chan.

Why is Sonata the most popular of the Dazzlings?

5093159 Cause she's the most adorable one. Fo' Realzies.

5093181 Awesome, can't wait to see more chapters. After I watch the movie, of course.

I'd go on a quest for Sonata's taco, if you know what I mean.

Sonata likes tacos, eh? Hm...

Hey, Sonata! I have something for yooooooooouuuuuuu~

It's free and I have mooooore! I have an Element of Taco bearer and she shaaaaaaares! Come with me and have all the tacos you could ever want!

Pfffff it's not like I want my own Sonata or anything

This ain't that kinda story... but I am not going to disagree with you, :moustache:

I love sonata she is so adorable for realzies

Hey, I just said what everyone was thinking. Lolz at the downvote on my previous comment. I mean, seriously, watching those really suggestive hip movements on the big screen sure left quite the impression.

Its really interesting how darn popular Sonata has gotten in such a short time, I mean its not like this is the first time a character has gotten so darn huge with the fanbase (Derpy, Maud, Luna) but still its amazing how many get so popular so fast

I require more of Sonata and the tacos.

I do believe that you mention Adagio sputtering at herself, although I think it's actually Aria's failed attempt to counter Adagio's snarky remark.

Other than that, carry on for the tacos!

I could totally see someone making a Brodyquest-style video of this fic.

Whoop! You're absolutely right; thank you for catching that.
Serves me right for doing only the briefest of editing passes before posting, :derpytongue2:

5093853 PM me if you need a editor.

So... i was a manager at taco bell for 2 years, and at first glance, i want to give this a thumbs down, even though i hate taco bell, because wayyy too many people are jumping on the sonata/ taco/dumb/ pinkie bandwagon and throwing taco bell in there just seems wrong....... but i will save the rest of it for tomorrow, when i actually read it. SAVED IN READ LATER FOR 10/4/2014

5093862 SPEAKING OF TACOS: does anyone notice Sonata's likeness to a certain fluffy pony? not by color or character, but by the enjoyment of tacos and the inability to be evil even with everyone around them being evil?



Oh geez, is this an incomplete story? I read it without bothering to check. My bad. Regardless, it was cute, and I really enjoyed the part when Sonata was just walking and the flyer hit here. It was very reminiscent of something the show would do itself.

I'll continue to keep an' eye on this here pear, matey! 'Till then, ya'rr be making sure to update yer tale with the utmost haste!


Check the last image of my previous post. Fluffy and Crissy are there.

The Taco sense EQGs equivalent to to the Pinkie sense...:pinkiehappy:

I can respect that... if someone wrote a story about Rarity, Coco and Suri working at Jo-anne's Fabrics I'd probably be tempted to toss the red thumb at it as well, :twilightangry2:

... actually, damn, now I kind of want to write that story too, :twilightoops:

Haha, tricked you! :rainbowdetermined2:
... well, ok, I didn't even know that you stayed away from incomplete stories, but still!

LOL, your avatar! :rainbowlaugh:

5093862 is it just me or does chryssi look ugly as a human

Heck yeah I want to go to Taco Bell! (Awesome story.)

Well, this should be fun... Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

To the author, in response to your note:


Love it and looking forward to next chapter. Sonata is the best! :heart:

They should go into Taco Bell and find Fluffle Puff and have a taco-eating contest! :pinkiehappy:

Question. Will Dipper Pines be at Taco Bell?

He will not... although I cannot rule out the possibility of Neil Patrick Harris, :trixieshiftright:


For realsies. :trollestia:

Maybe she'll return in the comic. She's certainly popular enough for it.

Wamuu in support of Taco Bell, I approve. I can't wait until I actually see Rainbow Rocks so I can read all these stories about them.


This is SOOOOOOO funny, can't wait to read more, which mean this goes on my...


Sonata Dusk and Fluffle Puff would DEFINITELY bond over tacos. Heck, Fluffle has the Element of Tacos, its power capable of reforming Chrysalis from the dark side. Why have cookies from the forces of evil when you can have tacos from the forces of good!?

Oh no, it's not that I stay away from incomplete stories, it's just that I went into it expecting a one-shot, but I was taken by surprise. It's not a bad thing, it just startled me.

As an employee at Taco Bell, I'd rather not go to it, Sonata.

Sonata be like ITS TACO TUESDAY =D

5099842 Yes. Tacos rule! Especially the Doritos Locos ones. :heart:

Don't worry, I'm sure these two will find an excuse to explode/immolate/obliterate at least one or two of them before all is said and done, :scootangel:

I'll let you in on a little secret... I don't even like Taco Bell! :pinkiegasp:

... D-don't tell Sonata I said that, 'kay? :twilightoops:

5100305 For realzies? Okay then. :fluttershyouch:

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