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When a rare magical artifact is stolen from Celestia's Academy for Gifted Spellcasters, her prized student Twilight Sparkle is determined to take up the task of getting it back... even though Celestia doesn't seem to want her to.

Part I of the Legend of the Six series. This story features humanized characters in a fantasy universe that draws heavily on the mythos of FiM to create a whole new adventure. I hope everyone has as much fun reading it as I did writing it, ^^

Cover art used with permission of the amazing QuizzicalKisses

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 117 )

Not a bad start!

Not sure why it had to be human characters rather than ponies, though. Seems this could have been written with ponies just as easily.

Whatever the case, I'm curious to see where this is heading. I love adventure!

Just... wow. 0 followers and already a feature. :pinkiegasp: Hats off my friend. I'm currently writing myself too, but I'll put this story on the read later list that's sure.


Pretty interesing, i wonder if spike will grow that badass like on the picture, still you have my attention :raritywink:

Er. Ma. Gerd. I was listening to that exact part of "Lullaby for a Princess" when I read the bit you quoted. Twilight Zone much?
But seriously, I REALLY like where this is going.

Humanized epic-fantasy style story?


Thanks! :twilightsmile:

You're absolutely right; deciding on humanized vs ponies was actually the hardest thing I had to do when coming up with this story. In the end the deciding factor was that the main spark of inspiration for this story came from the QuizzicalKisses picture that I'm using as cover art. From it's inception in my mind the characters in this story were humanized, and it felt kinda unfair to the original inspiration to change that, :scootangel:

Spike as a familiar makes a LOT of sense, even in the show proper. Your premise is promising and your style is smooth. Star for to follow this~

Good, good. Let the decent humanized piece rise to the heavens and grace featured box like a star among the clouds. :ajsmug:

You don't have to give me specifics, but you gonna have any shipping in these?

Eventually yes, but not in the immediate future, I'm afraid, :twilightsheepish:

That's quite alright. I'm excited for this to progress regardless. Best of luck to you, old sport.

Good start, hoping you incorporate Spike more like he is in your cover. He doesn't really get to do too many cool things in adventure fics these days.

2735439 Because there aren't nearly enough good humanized stories here, and it would be redundant if they weren't humanized.

The story so far is good. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Pretty good little find here, love it when humanized stories make the world work in a very well rounded way.

Also one of the few stories that made Trixie not only bearable but put her in a way the I hope to see more of her. Would be great to see them both go out on this adventure and work off each other.

"There's a rumor going around that someone broke into the academy earlier today and stole something from archives!"

the archives! :twilightsmile:

D'oh! :facehoof:

Thanks friend; it has been fixified :yay:

well this was surprisingly good kinda like the usual fantasy books i read

thumbed and favved

Rarity is gemstone. Sweet. Thought so.

Will we see Spike like the cover image.

One thing before I get into my comment proper: It's Apple Bloom, not Applebloom.

I'm liking where this is going. The setup is the classic Twilight meets all her friends but with many pleasant differences. The original crew are perfectly in character for the situations they're in and entertaining to boot.

My only concern is that Pinkie Pie will go overboard on the "pony" references or break the 4th wall entirely. It's fine in moderation but if she keeps making those types of jokes, it'll get old fast.

I imagined the ruffians as Diamond Dogs and Tattle Tail as a changeling. Just my personal headcanon. :twistnerd:

Lovely stuff!

Well, if you keep updating that fast, I might have to give you an imaginary cookie:pinkiehappy:

Exellent chapter, by the way.

Thanks, I'll certainly try to keep up the pace! I've got a busy July/August coming up but cookies are more important! :pinkiehappy:

Allow me to insert the DUN DUN DUNNN that is running through everyone's head right now.

Why can't I add another thumbs up? You earned it.

This came out a mite later than I hoped, but have a cookie all the same:pinkiehappy:

You deserve it:raritywink:

I lol'd at "YEAH!"

One thing before I continue, Stetson needs to be capitalized. It's the name of the company that makes the hats.

Very nice fight choreography! And exciting as well. Great use of the characters from the show and putting each of their strengths to good use. Pinkie Pie is OP.

Whoever the big bad is has a lot of money to have all these guards available. Just who could it be? :unsuresweetie:

Keep at it!

Whoop! Good call on the hat; thanks for pointing it out, :twilightblush:
I'm... I'm not sure I can write a Pinkie Pie that isn't OP, :rainbowhuh:

The idea of Spike as cool, fire-breathing, smart and ofc talking dragon turning around on Twi´s head and shoulders as a familar is a-w-e-s-o-m-e and so adorable~ <3

"What was that you were saying about friends appearing out of thin air?"

"Hush, lizard."

I can see that a returning gag.
*reads Pinkie´s reaction to Spike talking*
Called it. XD

Also interesting that Spike offers to deal with the situation to fight with a group of thieves. Guess he´s a really awesome familar, no wonder Trixie wanted him so badly. Can´t wait to see his "final form".^^

"My name's Applejack; what can I do ya for?"

I think Twi is too expensive for you to buy her for an happy night, AJ. :P

Now how will RD join Twi´s gang? Must be some awesome reason for sure. :rainbowdetermined2: (I hope for a romantic one, but that´s the never-dieing shipper in me XD :heart: )
And I bet her weapons got blitz and wind magic enchanted in them! :pinkiehappy:
Rarity I can see join cause at beginning she plans to betray the group and steal the Heartstone for herself but during the adventures becomes their friends and changes her ways and stuff.
RD, well she´s a mercenary kinda like AJ, but Twi has given all the money to AJ already, so I think it will be her pride in some reason like that her boss betrays her or something and she wants revenge and thus follow Twi and co in hope to meet her ex-boss.
And Fluttershy joins cause she´s a nice and kind person. :yay:

But given how beaten up the three are they gonna need either Spike to win against the "Awesome Rainbow Dash" or work as a team to bring her down with magic, power and tricks. :moustache: :ajsmug: :twilightsheepish: :pinkiesmile:

I thought you had been kidnapped by the Spanish inquisition, no one would've expected that

I laugh but... stranger things have happened, :twilightoops:

true, though i am glad your back this story is quite enjoyable.

Indeed! And hopefully it won't be quite so long until the next new one this time, :twilightoops:

Wow, really enjoying how this story is going. Can't wait to see more!

"Don't worry about me, you just focus on gettin' that gem back."

I know that's nit-ptcking of the highest level, but I would have really really liked to see a sugarcube between me and you. Something to show that AJ sees Twi as a close friend and calls her with a nickname and all. :ajsmug:

"Don't worry about me, sugarcube, you just focus on gettin' that gem back."

I dunno, why that irked me. XD

And yay for Spike warrior! Though I expected some kind of ritual. Like Spike had to drink some of his masters blood to use his full power since he is bound to her or something or that Twi needed to do something to get him become big like a commando or a spell or that when Spike is big it will cost his master/partner something in return.

Nice fight between RD and AJ, I wonder though how RD gonna join the gang now that she's an enemy.

Good to see that Twi is no push-over though I do hope she becomes much better and more awesome the more experience she gathers in fights so that one-day she can even face RD or AJ in a fast-paced battle with her magic. Looks to me like Shy gonna be the last one to join the gang as all but her had been mentioned and she had only been mentioned as RD's friend.

Wonder why the relationship between Shiny and his lil'sis isn't good though I guess that will come later. And we all can guess who the other missing student is, right?^^

Yay, James is back! Thanks for the comment! :twilightsmile:


Oooh, you're right, that does sound better... I didn't consider it before for some reason but that fits very well; good call, :ajsmug:


There'll be some more details on Spike's transformation in the next chapter; I know a bunch of people were looking forward to it so I wanted to give him a little 'moment of awesome' unspoiled by exposition, :moustache:


Yes, big apologies to all the Fluttershy fans out there, but she won't technically be making an appearance until Part II, :fluttershysad: In slightly better news, I think I may be able to wrap up Part I in just one more chapter, so nopony will have to wait for very long! :yay:

the other missing student

It's totally Lyra, :derpytongue2:

As exciting and well paced as I remember it being. The fight continue to be thrilling and fun to read through and the plot, while a little generic, still manages to hit all the right notes.

I'm curious as to the relationship between Shining and Twilight as well. I guess there's no BBBFF in this world.

And what could that other student be up to? :trixieshiftright:

Thanks! Hopefully one or two of the things I have planned for down the road will be make the story a little more dynamic; I'm trying to start off slow so that I have room to build. :twilightsmile:

I had a lot of fun coming up with Twilight and Shining's backstory, :pinkiehappy:... problem is, it might be a little bit until we hear it, :fluttershysad:

Wait, what student? Amethyst Star? :rainbowderp:

*Begins to read* Oh my Nuns I forgot Rainbow Crash was the villian thing!!! (nice update progresion) (Should I read the prolouge?)

Hehe, yeah, sorry about that, :twilightsheepish:
Of course you should read the prologue! Bananas Prologues are good! :twilightsmile:

3362819I just read it.... Where mine. Is now the best line ive ever heard cause it has dpeth and meaning and usability in real life.... Also is this close to ending... Where's rarity???? Is she an assassin or is that der.... You know what you should add a Racke as a really powerfull enemy for the fun of it... I made up that word it's a conjuction of Rouge and drake. Uh... I assume rd is looking for flutters... Is this comment getting long.... So many questions... To many words for.... A 13 year old using internet explorer on an xbox.... End!

3351136 "pinkie pie and rarity in shock" Well thats not spoiling the gif:ajbemused:...

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