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Majin Syeekoh

We’ve got dents and we’ve got quirks, but it’s our flaws that make us work.


Adagio Dazzle prefers things the way they were. Twilight offers a glimpse of what they could be.

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Wow... never thought these two would get shipped but man it works! Good job dude!

SciDagio? Interesting. Not what I expected from the description and picture (silly me, ignoring the tags), but a cute little bit of fluff.

Also... *eyes narrow* surprisingly normal for the author considering their reputation...

That is a fascinating character dynamic you've established here, and I just love how well SciTwi and Adagio played off each other. I think it actually beats out Tripped Out as my favorite of your romance stories, and that's really saying something considering how good that story was.

It's actually the second story I've read with this ship in it.


What I'm wondering is, when is this set? Post Friendship Games at least since Sci Twi knows Sunset and the gang at this point.

I was grinning the whole time I read this. This was just adorable! And now I want more. dammit.

Twilight refers to having recently broken up with a camp counselor. Shortly after Camp Everfree, I'd guess.

Ah. Well that was my fault for missing that then. Not that I'm complaining of the ship either way.

Twilight grasped her glasses. “… Well, technically, you’re not a girl . At all. If we’re being precise, you’re more like—”

Debating on if this was going to be "an old lady" due to age, or more of "a fish" due to the different type of beings thing. Or an old dusty fish is fine too. :derpytongue2:

Either way, cute little story you got here. I love the dynamic :heart:

Adagio heard Twilight come back in and sit down, the wheels of the office chair rolling against the hardwood floor sounding oddly soothing. She hummed. Welcome. Twilight hummed back. Hi.

The coziest moment in a super cozy story. Loved all the nonverbal cues, it made the story feel authentic and mellow. They implied emotion very well.

Thumbs up.

This is good, the characters felt very comfortable in themselves and made for an interesting match in your story.


That comment made me binge most of the story in a day, so thanks a lot for that.

(And hilariously, Dagi is the tutor in this one, and Twi was the tutor in the other. So, I guess this is their equivalent of “who’s the man and who’s the woman,” except it varies wildly based on the writer.)

I just saw your comment on that story as well just now. So...you're welcome:ajsmug:.

On paper, Scidagio seems downright nonsensical. And yet here you've made it work, giving both characters due respect and appreciating the sheer immensity of time on Adagio's side of the equation. You even help them find common ground.

Sometimes that cliff hangs over the ocean, and it can be deeper than it looks.

Thank you for this.

I wasn't quite sure what I was getting into here. Thought it was bizarre by concept alone, but you pulled it off with believable characters and a meaningful conversation. I'd like to see more romance works from you, man.

Second time I've seen this ship, and you pull it off rather well! Particularly like the contrast between Adagio's confidence and Twilight's awkwardness. I featured this on episode 214 of my podcast, Pony 411.

I adore those darling printed books myself. Guess I'm with Dagi there.

And since I came here from Tripped Out, I'm really surprised by the lack of drugdealing going on.

Not that any of that is bad, but I really expected something less legal going on here other than 'kidnapping'.

Goddammit, Syeekoh.

Very cute, surprisingly effective. It helps that you've given Adagio a strong, sympathetic voice and Sci-Twi remains adorkable. Although, if Twilight already knew everything, I'm not sure why she burst into ancient pony languages at one point. Normally you'd do that to test the other person.

That was funny and beautifully made. I love how twi gave up at the end realizing she'd screwed up. :rainbowlaugh: Adagio will whip her into shape in no time.

“Someone already invented it. It’s called starving.”

And the one who found it didn't live long enough to copyright it.

“Twilight, you’re rambling.” Adagio flexed her hand. “And hitting on me. You’re rambling while hitting on me.”

That's what we call flirting, Twilight Style.

This was a very interesting back-and-forth between Twilight and Adagio, who knew the latter could be introspective and seductive at the same time?

Keep up the good work. :)

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