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This story is a sequel to Adagio Dazzle Wants A Burrito

Having recovered from a severe illness, Twilight Sparkle – the humanoid not-pony – resumes her quest to understand the unusual goings-on that have plagued her city and her life. She happens upon a certain burrito restaurant. Therein, she encounters someone who will be of great use to her indeed, though the truth may not set her free…

This story is part of the Burritoverse continuity.

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Prelude to Beanis?

Who/what is Swi-Twi?

Huh. So I’m guessing that having an Equestrian version present somehow overrides the Gaian version. Kind of ties into the old doppelgänger myths where encountering yourself heralded your demise. Except it seems neither Twilight or Sunset ever physically came across themselves. I can only imagine how bad an effect it would have on Sunset’s mind if she realized her mere existence killed someone.

Yikes! No idea how that one got past me. That's what I get for uploading in the middle of the night. Fixed.

Sure why not.

Great read. Twilight comes off as very unintentionally snooty and you kind of get where and why she's coming from.

I experience mental illness too; although the most recent one I've been dealing with (read: my entire life but only really bad recently) is anxiety. Got the most effective medication for anxiety when I last went to the doctor. It's like the sweetest candy for your brain.


Oh jesus. If this was true in the Sunset's Recovery arc (wait, are these the same 'verses?) then Sunset would probably just kill herself then and there.

funIt's funny, i thought of these stories this afternoon. As I was buying a burrito.

Oh god. Poor original Shimmer

Well, it now appears Celestia had an excellent reason to not send any of Twilight's friends with her... :fluttershyouch:

This concept could be interesting, also, what happened to the human sunset here? Is she still sick? did she die? Has she recovered? (please let it be the latter, I'd like to see two sunset's meet) overwise, sequel please!

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