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The Dazzlings have experienced a long and unique life, filled with ups and downs. Some times more interesting than others. But when someone live as long as they have, and seek fame and power as they have, then there are chances of being found out. More so now that there are people who know about their long lives.

So when Twilight "Sci-Twi" Sparkle shows up at the door, holding up a copy of an old picture and wanting answers, Adagio Dazzle is more than happy to give them.

(Written for the the March Writing Prompt in the Uncommon Dazzling Ships group)

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:pinkiegasp: A story for the group prompt! :yay:

And this was great stuff! I can totally see the sirens being drawn to the resentment of the prohibition era. I'm trying to work out if that would make people more or less susceptible to their magic - people often drink at gigs, for example, so presumably that makes them more influencable when sirens are singing. But then, with no alcohol, their tolerance will disappear, which maybe means less magic is required to work.

I loved the references to the fairy gothmother story idea, too, and I'd love to see more of that!

I also like that there's nothing to confirm Adagio is being truthful about avoiding mass genocide, so you can tailor your interpretation of her to your taste of just how villainous she should be.

Her approach of telling Twilight not to forget the past was very welcome, too. Adagio of all people knows the saying about those who do not learn from history being condemned to repeat it.

Considering who the guest was, Adagio opted to go with one of her cheaper teas.

:fluttershyouch: I laughed aloud at this, but I also felt the visceral impact of the slight :raritystarry:

Fascinating. There's definitely more going on here, between the Twilight/Aria relationship and Adagio looking back on her glory days with something like regret, but even without greater context, it's still a great take on the sirens' lives through Earth's history. An excellent read. Thank you for it.

Really good job on this one-shot. Yeah, I can see where the Dazzlings would be drawn to the Prohibition-era crowds. LOVED the nod to the Al Capone Expy. And, to be fair, steering clear of mass genocide types might have been more Pragmatic Villainy than Even Evil Has Standards. After all, the Dazzlings got their clocks cleaned on Equestria when THEY tried to wipe out a village and at least Adagio might be smart enough to know getting mixed up with mass genocide might call the attention of somebody powerful enough to pose a serious threat to them.

Anyway, wonderful job on the exchange and characterizations once again.

I want to see this Aria and Sci-Twi ship kicking off.

Thought I had responded to this already or something.

Yeah, the reason they avoid such events is supposed to be from a pragmatic view. It comes down to two things.

1) Such acts tend to go after people who are different from a certain ideal. While they are aware that they may pass as human, the three of them are also aware that they are not, and often are quite different from normal humans. As such, they have reasons to feel paranoid that should such a thing occur, they would possibly be some of the first to get taken.

2) They feed off of negative emotions. However, in order to do that, they need people who are capable of experiencing those emotions. Yes, they could get some during the events with the anger of the oppressive group and sadness and fear of the oppressed, but it would also mean less of it in the future. It would kind of be like Applejack chopping down one of her trees just so she could harvest the apples.

I want more maybe She asks Aria what found memories she has and she brings up something from farther back.

Really loved this

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