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A.K.A. Joy Gardian. Future and current Artist, Author, Singer/Songwriter, Actriss, and Voice Actriss.


Rarity has a secret that she doesn't tell anyone. Every once in a while she gets some papers and writes very hateful letters to herself.

This is not clop, the sex tag is because there is a mention of sex.

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Comments ( 6 )

Well...That happened pretty suddenly :rainbowderp:

Short but sweet, I guess. I'd say it's rushed, but for this premise it's really not.

4462804 I actually wrote this during class today and I thought it was pretty good so I turned it into a story. (This is actually about me. Except the hanging myself part and the writing to myself every night. Today was actually the first time I wrote to myself. I was tired of crying and I didn't want to tell anyone so, I wrote a letter to myself saying how much I hated me.)

Well I've been there. Rarity needs a bitch smack and a reality check.

Fluttershy must be really tired if she can't see the mascara stains all over Rarity's coat... :trixieshiftright:

Hahah! Oh, good ol' estrogen! ♥ :rainbowlaugh:

one day fluttershy isn't going to be thare to save you rarity so you better be prepared for when that time comes

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