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I was introduced to MLP by a friend in S3. At the time I teased him about it a little, but I guess the joke is on me as here I am now, writing Trixie shipfics. Feedback is always welcome.


At long last, Ponyville has its very own court of law.

Now it is up to The Honorable Judge Lady Justice to guide the citizens of Ponyville through their trials and tribulations. She's more than happy to get started, but her first case is a doozy! Flim and Flam versus Mistmane in a copyright dispute around the mare's own likeness. Can our intrepid heroine maintain her sanity and deliver justice?

Edited by the honorable Phaoray as usual.
As well as NightShadowMLP/thatdangfangirl the court appointed Bingo Editor.

Written for Shrink Laureate's Season 10 Bingo Writing Contest!
Find the other competitor's entries right here for more good reads.

Prompt: (Beware spoilers:)
Flim and Flam, Spies on, Mistmane, New Technology, Court of Law.

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Fluttershy wanted to be a pet.

Trixie wasn’t entirely sure what to do with that kind of weird information.

Neither was Fluttershy.

Contains: Mild Pet Play. (I know, what a shock.)

Inspired by Fluttershy's Anti-Adventures #21.
Coverart by Pencils

I couldn't resist writing this after seeing that adorable comic.

If by some horrible twist of fate you have not read Pencil's comics before, you should. Right now. Go on, I'll wait.

Edited and firmly critiqued by Phaoray

Standalone, set somewhere between Trixie's Forest Retreat and Trixie's Threeway Trouble.

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After the Battle of the Bands concludes in victory for the Rainbooms, all is well again in Canterlot High. The villains have been vanquished, trust in Sunset Shimmer has slowly been restored, and Trixie Lulamoon has yet another thing to add to her long list of 'totally legit' grievances against the world.

Fortunately, she knows just where to go.

To Trixie, the cafeteria is not only an excellent place to fill up her stomach, but it is also a great place to spill her guts after getting robbed in the Battle of the Bands.

Time to vent to her best friend.

Edited by:Phaoray

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This story is a sequel to Trixie's Forest Retreat

After Boast Busters, Trixie stuck around, if not entirely by choice. Follow her attempts at working out her relationship and tertiary participation through season one.

After a rough start, everything is coming up roses for Trixie.

Recovered from her injuries, reimbursed for her trouble, acquainted with new friends, and dating the two best pegasi in existence, Trixie can hardly believe her luck. She's gotten more than she could have ever asked for.

It's a good thing she doesn't have history she'd rather not see come to light and secrets she'd rather keep buried. Nor did she claim to have stolen a book once to the only pony in town obsessive enough to do a lot of digging.

Assuming everything is exactly how she imagines, all she has to do now is hold on to her new life.

Editing, Brainstorming and Bickering: Phaoray, Knight of the Raven

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This story is a sequel to Daisy Chain Part 1: Fluttershy x Maud Pie

The second story in a new shipping prompt series.
Now with handy group: Daisy Chain (It's a link, click it!)
Should you wish to learn more about this series you can check out any of the blogs written by myself, fimfic4ever, UnlicensedBrony, and dramatic_spoon
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Applejack has been sneaking out, and Apple Bloom can't take it anymore. Who is that weird mare that keeps glaring at her sister? Why does she never smile, even when her sister spend so much effort being nice to her?!

Mystery's really don't work too well when the tags give it all away. Have fun anyway. ^^

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Following the events of Boast Busters, Trixie decides to hide from the town (and Rainbow Dash in particular) by taking cover in the Everfree Forest.

Trixie discovers not every problem can be outrun, and sometimes facing them can have unexpected consequences.

Special thanks to:
Phaoray PrincessLuna123 Ryla
Nebulae Rethkir

Cover Art by:

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