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A short look into an AU where Pinkie's early life on her family farm, surrounded by rocks keeping her company, had absolutely no effect on her mental well being.

A bit silly and a bit sad.

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That's so sad ... and creepy. :pinkiesad2: Nice story.

This was the Pinkiest Pinkie that ever Pinkied...sad, dark, silly...a just a bit crazy...

Can confirm sis thinks like this. CanNOT confirm the rocky family though. Probably somewhere in the GrimDark.

I love the word play, it blends in everything neatly.

I can't unsee the thing in the cover image as the Undertale puppet.

Oh... I didn't really piece it together the first time she mentioned mimicking the voice, but then towards the end I realized it.... Yikes. That's gut-wrenching. Pinkie needs a True True Friend right now.

First of all, it’s awesome you made the story happen. Congrats!

Reading this kind of felt like having a good time with a cheerful friend for months. Only to then learn she struggled with depression all along and now you are kicking yourself for not picking up on it even though all the signs were there in hindsight. Bravo. :pinkiesad2:

It was so easy to dismiss the silliness in the narration of the story as just something Pinkie would think or say or as just part of the suspension of disbelief that comes with the concept of a rock farm. (Stare at a rock? Weird but sure that might as well be part of it, what do I know?) I practically skimmed those light-hearted parts only to regret it by the end as I realized that I'll never be able to read them again, because they're only light-hearted fluff once.

I think my favorite hint is the dialogue. Even though Pinkie imbues the speaker's personality in them, it keeps the same playful twisting of language (which is awesome btw) as the narration and both parties understand the other perfectly. Of course Pinkie can't identify that it's not normal, she's been steadily drifting away from normalcy even as she tries to maintain it with this performance. It reminds me a little bit of a Cargo Cult. Pinkie knows her father would disapprove of learning an instrument, but she has to make up why he would.

By the end, I found myself trying to read the story again and piece together just what happened that day and how it all went down. It's such a heartwrenching thought to picture filly Pinkie all alone after the rainboom, trapped by her mother's protection. Or just how long she's been keeping this routine up. If Maud still hasn't been home, that suggests the effect wasn't contained to just the farm. I wonder what Equestria looks like and what happened.

Sorry this was largely a rehash but I couldn't not leave some sort of comment, could I? I'm thrilled to see you publish another story at last. Keep up the great work. I hope your 3rd story will come sooner than 7 years from now. :trollestia:

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