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A few months after losing her unborn foal, Applejack's emotions finally catch up to her. Can Applejack's marefriend, Twilight, help her in her time of need?

Based upon the song 'Small Bump', by Ed Sheeran

Reading by Scribbler

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Comments ( 32 )

Bad idea to read and have the song on, I cried so much :fluttercry:
Really good job, fits so well with the characters (even if I don't see them together myself :derpytongue2: )

5063817 It is a beautiful song, though a very sad one :fluttercry:

Thanks, I hope did good by the song. I quite like Twijack, it has a lot of tiny canon moments, but it isn't for everyone. More for me :ajsmug: :twilightblush:

5063843 That would be cute. In the early stages of development I did consider a scene set some time in the future where AJ and Twi do successfully have a child, but as you can see, it was ultimately cut. Maybe I could still write a sequel, if it's requested enough :raritywink:

5063917 A sequel would be very nice, maybe prompted by this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpyfrixXBqU

5064168 I do kinda want to do it, maybe it's just I don't want to do it right now. I still have to finish off 6 Shades, plus my turn is coming up in Daisy Chain, and I want to work on a story which ships Trixie and Applejack (I have lots of ideas :ajsmug::trixieshiftleft:). So between all those things I'm less interested to make a sequel to this, however peoples interest in a story does get me more interested in a story, for example when I first released 6 Shades, I didn't think it would be very popular, I new I would still make it, but I didn't know how much focus would be put on it, but once I found out people really liked it, I actually become more interested in continuing it. So my focus/interest in a story is a combination of my own feeling and public interest. I think I'm babbling a bit, but you get the idea.

5064259 Ed Sheeran does some very good songs, I suppose if I did do a sequel it would make sense to base it upon another Ed Sheeran song.

You know I was also pondering doing a raridash fic based upon 'Beneath your beautiful' :rainbowkiss: :raritywink:

5064347 Sounds like a plan, can't wait to see what you decide to do :twilightsmile:

I love the way you wrote this, but I do not appreciate gay/lesbian ships. I'm sorry, but I just don't.:flutterrage:

Thank you two for the support, I'll try my hardest to keep y'all happy :twilightsmile:

5069858 To each their own, I guess, but thanks :twilightsmile:

I would very much like to see a sequal to this.

5083637 Nice to know it was good enough to leave you wanting more :twilightsmile: I am currently considering a sequel, but first I'll be focusing on my other stories

5084429 Take your time, i'll wait.

I love it!:heart: it even made me cry :fluttercry:

lel I'm writing a fic about abortion and this pops up.

“Applejack…” a gentle voice whispered from behind Applejack, a voice Applejack would recognize anywhere, she had hoped Twilight would never to see her like this.

The grammar and such is passable but this needs repair. What troubles me is that you use Applejack's name twice unnecessarily. You also use commas incorrectly. It could be worded better overall.
Perhaps an as example, it could be along the lines of : ["Applejack..." a gentle voice whispered from behind; it's a sound she could recognize anywhere. Applejack had hoped that the owner of such a soothing and beautiful voice, her lover and friend Twilight, would never have to see her like this.]
Make sure your wording flows right and don't forget to add all the necessary words that don't lead to ugly fragments.
Overall the story is okay. I wish more could have been said but the story is complete as it is. 6/10

Ah, this brings be back to when I used to listen to Ed Sheeran. :raritystarry: That was like 1 or 2 years ago. Anyways, the fanfiction was amazing and it almost brought tears to my eyes. :heart:

5325342 I love sheeran, he and Sheppard (an Aussie band) are my favourite musicians :twilightsmile: keep your eye out, cause I might be doing more stories of similar nature :raritywink:

Thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate it :pinkiehappy:

5328056 Aw, I've heard of Sheppard!

You're welcome. I just truly loved this fic.

5328056 My favorite song by Sheppard is "Hold My Tounge"!

Hi there! I hope you don't mind but I loved this fic so much I've adapted it for audio over on YouTube:

Wow that's awesome! I actually always hoped I'd have a story adapted for audio. Just listened to reading and it was great, despite being a sad fic I had a huge smile on my face the whole time at hearing people read out my story. Thank you so much for this, hopefully this gets me off my butt so maybe you'll have another of mine to adapt one day :raritywink: and make sure to tell the performers I said they did a fantastic job :pinkiesmile:

Author Interviewer

Well, that was depressing. ._.

7757678 I know right? Author must one sad SOB.......... wait a second, that's me :derpyderp1: hope you enjoyed, despite any sadness :twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer

For a certain definition of the word, yeh. :)

Welp, that hit home hard. Good job on this.

Cheers mate, hope you enjoyed :twilightsmile:

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