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"You can change destiny, but you can’t change fate.” Simon sighed... “And you and I are fated to be together, I know it in my heart.”



This story is a sequel to Shaping Love and War

Love is patient, love is kind. Love is caring, love is blind. Love knows no fear, no enemy. Love knows no no hatred or envy. Love is no game, but so much more. We are shaping love and war.

Thirteen moons, one day shy of a full year, have passed, and Screwball couldn't be happier with her soulmate, Thorax. He feels the same, but the two of them have been spending plenty more time alone than they'd like. When they finally reunite, they play Patience. Since it's a one player game, the two of them take turns watching each other and commenting on their play styles.

Edit: Now with a sequel called A Bridge Betwixt Lovers. The finale's M-rated as it contains foursome, magically enhanced sex, my first clop so I can't restrain myself... absolutely anything that comes to my dirty mind!

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With 1066 words on purpose... to celebrate the conquest of their patience.

More like "soon to have" than "now with" but the sequel will hopefully be finished today.

Well, I read it. Was this a comedy? No? Well, I can tell the romance side of things. I don't have any particular thing to say about this here, but the review shall be out tomorrow. I'll drop a link, but you can find it first in your feed...

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