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It's too early for everything in the mind of Donut Joe... especially a dramatic coltfriend!

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Well, that's an incredibly strange pairing. Strange enough to get my attention. I'll look into reading this in a bit. :twilightsmile:

ok this I liked a lot good stuff

I read a really good shipfic with Donut Joe and Gustave le Grand, and this fic seems to carry the same sort of dynamic. Definitely adding it to my RiL.

8180581 Thanks! I hope you like it!.

*Sigh* ... that's Blueblood. :rainbowlaugh: Thanks for pointing me in this direction.
I had 2 questions:
"Is this patch gonna be any good?" Joe's magic flared to adjust his hat.
Should that be batch?
He rarely entered anything but the most luxurious urban settings to the statistic would be a bit lost on him.
Should that be "so the statistic..."?
Sorry for coming across as a grammar Nazi, it runs in the family.
Anyway, another cute story, definitely worth a Like. Thanks!

I'll correct those right away!

No problem! Thanks for a cute story!

Blueblood being a cute gaypone is a headcanon I never knew I needed until now, but I will defend it to the death.

Yes, yes, let the headcanon flooooow

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