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Author, former Royal Canterlot Library curator, and the (retired) reviewer at One Man's Pony Ramblings.


When Princesses Celestia and Luna visit a public art gallery, they come upon a painting of Celestia, banished to the moon. They react to this in the only reasonable way: artistic criticism and analysis.


Cover art by that paragon of good sportsmanship and all-around talented person, Rocket Lawn Chair.

Originally written for the Reversal of Fortune writeoff, with the cover art as the prompt. Thank you to everyone there for the pre-reading and advice, and to Pascoite for his (always invaluable) additional help and editing suggestions!

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Oops, just realized I forgot to create that round's folder for the Writeoff group. Went and added your story while I was at it.

Good to see this making its way over from Writeoffland! And always great to see more words from you.

You really captured well the banter you'd expect between Celestia and Luna.

Poor old Lawn Chair :(

JFalk #3 · March 5th · · ·

Yup, that is very much how Celestia and Luna would react to such painting (Nice touch with Luna being the most aggravated one for Celestia's sake!)

And for the record: the painting looks less "banishment to the Moon", and more "I should not have take that turn on Phillydelphia..." :rainbowlaugh:

I love sibling banter.



“So there you have it. Most likely we’re just overthinking a poorly-drawn, poorly-thought-out piece of ephemeralia.”

Celestia shook her head vigorously. “No, there are too many strong, provocative choices in this picture for me to believe that these elements aren’t deliberate.

When did we start discussing jakkid stories? :trollestia:

Solid banter and solid writing!

Couple typos:

“Flattery will get you nowhere,” Luna replied, flipping her main in mock indignation.

“Well, the more I look at this piece, the more signs I begin to see of a distinctly amature hoof.”

nemryn #7 · March 5th · · ·

Ah, see, that's the point. By treating banishment to the moon as a mere inconvenience, rather than a dire calamity, it lessens the gravitas of the situation. It's a way of absolving Celestia, of saying that what she did isn't that bad and she doesn't have to keep feeling guilty about it.

Hey, this art criticism stuff is pretty easy! :pinkiehappy:

JFalk #8 · March 5th · · ·

It is a valid way to see it! :twilightsmile:

This was wonderful.


Much obliged :twilightsmile:


Oopsie! How do those last few typos always seem to survive the publication process... lemme go fix that up!


Nice to see you getting into the spirit!


And thank you to all of you (and the others, too!) for reading! It's been a few years since I visited the feature box (that's what I get for barely writing anything); I'd forgotten how much fun it is to get a bajillion new notifications.

Poor Lawn Chair. It is a cute painting though.

Emil #12 · March 5th · · ·

I really hope some of the notables do a "Never the Final Word" for this one. Calling Estee? Georg? Cold in Gardez?

For this fic, I LOVE IT!

In regards to artistic pieces to muse over, I am ever thankful that a humorous piece was chosen over... Other possibilities! :twilightoops:

Finally, someone who understands how Nightmare Moon was imprisoned appropriately. Instead of all these people thinking Luna/NMM were just sitting in a crater and cursing at the planet in the sky for a thousand years.

Deep, intellectual overthinking, cute royal sister moments, and a comedic ending? Sign me up!!

9491945 But I thought Luna was sent to our Moon and met Lance Armstrong right after he found the Monolith! :derpytongue2:

Alondro #17 · March 6th · · 1 ·

To one such as Saitama, merely being cast to the Moon is a minor inconvenience!


Brilliant work in both the sisters' dynamic and the meta-analysis of the fandom's perception of Celestia over the years. Plus, it's a genuinely amusing read. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

And in the event someone does, please reply to this comment so I can see it and add it to the compilation that much more easily.


I know, right? Mare IN the Moon, not Mare ON the Moon!

Oh my aching sides, this was great!

Ah, Luna. All the diplomacy of a lemon wrapped around a large gold brick.

I love having seemingly deep conversions over absolutely nothing important, it gives me the opertunity to be a pretentious flip spouting
half philosophical half b.s. commentary :trollestia:


This was perfectly amazing! This was a really good comedy and slice of life that feels like a normal MLP show would have about the Princesses. You did amazing with the characters and how you wrote them in a way that fit really good.

Awesome job!

Indeed! To begin with, I wasn’t on the moon, I was magically contained within the moon, my spiritual essence bound to its very fabric.

Oh, finally! Someone get it. It's pretty much what WoG said about NMM imprisonment.

“Ah… D-D-Death of th-the Artist?”

That seems more like a prayer, or a wish than a reason.

How wonderful! An art analysis used as a social analysis through character analysis. :raritystarry:

Also wonderfully written and characterized, which always helps. :twilightsmile:

Also also incredibly fun. :yay:

Ok this has been driving me around the bend for about an hour now so I just have to ask. What does WoG stand for?

Word of God.

A term used to mean information directly from the person who made the thing.

Thanks I was going through any acronyms in the show but none fit.

It’s even better if you take art classes. They aren’t trying to teach you how to BS per se, but you definitely learn how to.

You get some of that same effect in writing and literature classes too, and I couldn't help, as an English major, but recall sitting through classes that run a lot like the princesses' conversation here and wondering to myself if that was really the original intent of the work's creator. :rainbowlaugh:

That said, I really like Celestia's interpretation of the piece, especially the political commentary she derives from it, but at the same time I ultimately have to side with Luna a bit more--probably overanalyzing it just a bit. :twilightsmile:

Very true. Film theory as well tends in that direction at times.

WoG - Word of God.

Oh, someone already answered this :).

“I do like the way your eye is arched,” Luna conceded. “It really does capture that sense of 'I am completely incapable of processing how poorly that went.'”
“I like the choice to put me on my haunches, myself,” added Celestia. “Sitting is a much weaker position than standing. It drives home that I’m completely clueless, and not about to launch into some grand plan or another.”

It's true!

*while reading the story*
I'm starting to believe they are overthinking the picture.

*after reading the story*
I still believe so.
And someone please bring poor Lawn Chair an lawn chair to sit down.


Ah, Luna. All the diplomacy of a lemon wrapped around a large gold brick.


Like she's--richly sour? :rainbowwild:


Thank you for the great read!

"Nightmare’s possession"

*Deal breaker. Closes story.*

You should not leave a conversation

*giggles wildly* This was a wonderful read!

*rereads yet again*

Celestia tutted. “That’s kind of you to say, but if you realized how far overboard some ponies go in their veneration, you wouldn’t think so. When the standard you’re held to is 'unstoppable and infallible,' it’s not much of an insult to suggest that the bar’s been set a bit high.”

“I meant about a smarter princess being able to stop Nightmare Moon.” Luna turned her head, and looked Celestia in the eye. “If the painting says that, then it’s wrong.”

“That’s… kind of you to say.” Celestia did not meet her sister’s gaze.

“It’s true.” Luna took her sister by the chin, and brought them eye-to-eye. “Say it.”

Celestia swallowed. “It… it’s true?”

“There we go.” Luna released her. “It does no good to dwell on the past...”

I loved this. :twilightsmile:

Really fun look into the dynamic between Celestia and Luna. Kind of like a pool with the deep and shallow ends of discussing subjects. Face value or 'hidden' meanings.

Especially like Luna at the end. Can just imagine her saying in her head, "Welp, time to earn that holiday they named after me."

Your shadow implies at least two different light sources

This painting's a fake!

Not a funny hahahaha :rainbowlaugh:, but a more :pinkiesmile: haha,

Amusing, I like the discussion, how it can be over-analyst something with the bit of sibling banter and history behind it. Reminds me of my own interaction with my sibling today, its nice.

That, and me trying to complete a set :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Get this person a copy of the Guide, stat!

Quite a fun story, on a number of levels. Now I kinda want to see the Princesses criticize more art!

Loved it. Nice to learn there is a new challenge to ‘A Thousand Nights in a Hallway’ for the status of most thought-provoking work in the contemporary Equestrian art scene.

Lawn Chair really needs to toughen up or she won't last long in the creative industry. There are far more ruthless critics out there.

I SINCERELY hope you're joking?

This was obviously not meant to be taken literally, as the text latter goes on to confirm that NMM and Luna were not completely seperate entities in this universe.

The whole comic canon of Luna being possessed by an outside force ruins the entire idea of her being redeemed. I don't care if the whole world is against me, I won't bow.

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