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If you've ever poked at my other stories, you'll notice that I do a lot of AU work.
Generally these will be where the nail goes missing to create those stories, random bits and pieces that I can't jam into stories, or AU ideas.

Feel free to comment / PM me a request! Make sure it contains a "hook". Examples include "But Twilight is a draconequus" "but it's Princess Luna & Daybreaker" etc.

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This story is a sequel to Looking Glass

Authorized spiritual sequel / AU to Looking Glass.

Twelve years ago, Sunset Shimmer ran away from Equestria and left her whole life behind her. In traversing the portal, she became a five year old human girl. Through trials and tribulations she grew up, eventually forgetting her true origins.

Three years ago, she learned the truth. Yesterday, her rage culminated in one night of fire and vengeance. The powers of Harmony defeated her, and offered a second chance. Change her ways and heal her heart.

Today she takes her first steps on the path to her new life.

[Updated, Edited, Re-Released.]

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Sunset Shimmer had everything. Personal protégé of the Sun Princess herself, top marks in the School for Gifted Unicorns, and the honor of being dubbed the greatest arcanist since Starswirl the Bearded.

Until she threw it all away.

In the last moments before leaving Equestria forever, her destiny is snatched away right before her eyes. Once upon a time the story of the lives of herself, Twilight Sparkle, and the path of Equestrian History went one way, a story that we all know well. But in every stand of woods there is a path untrotted, one with a different story and new experiences.

About the deleted comments.

Discussion of this and other works can be found on my Private Discord Server

New cover by DVixie. If someone knows how to contact them I'd be appreciative. It more accurately portrays the current evolution of the story.

Arc One, Filly Steps: Complete.
Arc Two, What Twilight Learned Today: In Progress.

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