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Magic has been a part of the world for as long as we can imagine. Earth pony strength, Pegasus weather control, and Unicorn spell casting.

They've experimented, and progressed, figuring out exactly how far they can take their abilities. Few are capable of what's hard to imagine.

Pegasi, breaking speeds thought unreachable.

Earth Ponies, moving objects thought immobile.

And there's the Unicorns with their various spells.

Enchanting, changing... Creating.

That's where my kind come from.

We were at first thought to be impossible, but a spell created a living thing. It's a rare occurrence that such a thing happens, but we're grateful for that one mishap, as we would not exist without that one unicorn's mistake. The spell unfortunately worked only on one thing.


This happened quite a few years ago, and the unicorn has since passed on. We never learned their name, but they had enchanted a grand spectrum of us, brought us to life. We were given something to help us communicate and perceive by unicorns of other abilities after they'd passed. We were saddened to know we'd never meet our parent, but we were now just learning the world.

We were also claimed under property rights and taken from one another. We grew up learning how to sell the liquids we were made from. We're not related, I can admit this, but I remember watching as companies claimed the others. I too was claimed; we're soda after all.

I've seen the enchantments reproduced more than I wish I had. We're still mortal. We still die. Go flat, and we are ill. We don't survive ingestion.

Few escape, and I'm just a step on that journey for some.

You must listen to the others to know the full story.

It's not my place to tell their lives, after all.

If you need any help, just PM Full_Tome, or ThatOneRandomPony. If you don't want to PM, just email us at

Anything you think we're missing? Leave suggestions here: THIS IS A HYPERLINK!

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