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Fluttershy was a Pegasus pony who was afraid of heights, and yet she could really reach great speeds if she put her mind to it, but found no need to boast even slightly about her achievements. Spitfire hadn't met a pony like her ever before, and she knew she was different, special.

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woah...this escalated very quickly, still though it's nice to see someone trying new things with shipping ponies. However there are but a few things you may or may not want to look upon.

She unfurled one wing from her side, strong after the constant strain and exercise they received, curling it around her tea

Not really sure that part of your body would be a good idea especially when handling hot tea, but the fic has a good idea to it, but maybe rushing out of the gates to soon with all the sudden affection, but again everyone does their ships their own way.

So yeah glad your entering the contest too, it's good to see people taking intrest in the worlds best pony. ~Alex

Yeah, maybe she just has heat-reflecting feathers or something. I mean, there is that whole thing of a
'flameboom', so it would make sense. It does seemed to be rushed, I think I have a problem with pacing. :twilightsheepish: And yes, Spitfire is awesome :pinkiehappy: (should totally be Spitfire emote...)

3689549 agreed, well there is fierce competition out their in the contest just to let you know ruirik and sparx are both in on the contest...I hope to grab a spot somewhere though probably last place:rainbowlaugh:

If your having trouble with pacing then there is no shame in getting a proofreader to just take a glance at an unpublished chapter before hand to tell you what to add and improve on ~Alex

This fic just made me very happy, Keep up the good work:yay:

Neat. Tracking this motherfucker.

Its too late (9:30) now and I have to get up at 4... Ill read later!

I liked this story, was just sad to see it end so quickly. It was good despite the 'whirlwind romance' aspect. : )

Heh, sorry about that. Glad to see you enjoyed anyway.

fucking hell well im pissed
i keep faving and liking these stories that end way to quickly lol

anyway good story while it lasted even though it went a bit fast with staying over and suddenly becoming friends and such

Sorry :fluttershyouch:
Yeah, it did go bye pretty quickly, but I never planned for it to be very long. Either way, thanks for faving and liking. :twilightsmile:

Well when i first saw this i was like "What Fluttershy and Spitfire? How is that going to work?" Well i guess i know now don't i. :twilightsmile:
Short sweet and good a nice little 8/10 from me. :ajsmug: (Not that my number mean anything, but hay:raritywink:)

Thanks! I personally think that FlutterFire is an awesome ship, but it only has a few stories.

Then, a memory of the cutest little giggle rising from his mouth,

Pretty sure Fluttershy's not a guy :P

Dawwwwwwwwwww that story was so sweet I think it gave me diabetus. Sequel! The world needs more FlutterFire!

I Never Thought Of This Ship:rainbowhuh: But The Ship Is Cute:twilightblush:
#Flutterfire Forever:pinkiehappy:

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