• Published 13th May 2012
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Austraeoh - Imploding Colon

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...flatly across the balcony of the lofty Verdestone Palace. She wheezed and curled up, coughing and sputtering. A soft blanket fell over her figure, only it wasn't a blanket.

With eyes tearing, Rainbow Dash nervously, foalishly peaked at the feathers engulfing her in a motherly hug. A gasp burst out of her mouth, and she sat up in a jolt.

A gentle hoof rested on her shoulder, followed by a smile and pearl blue eyes. “Be at ease, child. This only means that you are making progress...”

“Wh-Whitemane...” Rainbow Dash stammered. She stared off into the canopy of Emeraldine night. A cool wind wafted through her braided mane as she stared, dumbfounded, at the purple hues of the milky way lingering high above the wispy evening clouds. “The P-Palace?! But how?!” She twitched, biting her lip. “Did I ever leave...?”

“But of course you did, child,” the alicorn murmured with a loving chuckle. “You are always on the move, after all. Would any superheroine settle for less?”

“Superheroine?” Rainbow Dash made a face. “I don't get it. Why are you here?”

“Dear child,” Queen Whitemane hummed, her horn glowing with a gentle platinum aura. “Did you think our conversation ever truly ended?”

Rainbow Dash looked at Whitemane's horn. She raised a hoof to her own forehead, then glanced at the silken robe hanging over her own figure. After a few blinks, she smirked up at the alicorn figure. “Just what does all this mean?”

“Only that my suspicions of you have been correct all along.” Whitemane paced slowly towards the edge of the balcony, her majestic wings stretching. “For the only reason that we would be communicating again is because you've found the flame of my forbears.”

“You mean that red stuff dancing above the pedestal when I finally made my way into the mechanical temple?”

“It's not a temple,” Whitemane said.


“It's something truer than all the forest, seas, and deserts of this world combined. If anything, the pony civilization established above the chambers is the true temple.” Whitemane stared off into the constellations, as if seeking a home amidst the millions of twinkling stars. “What lies beneath is older than recorded time, and just as sacred.”

“I don't get it...” Rainbow Dash weakly got up and trotted towards her. “I've been in these underground halls of metal before. I saw nothing but a bunch of alicorn architecture.”

“Hmmm... That's just it, child,” Whitemane cooed. “It's not alicorn architecture. Truth is, nopony knows who built it.”

“But I thought Astral said—” Rainbow Dash winced, groaned, and spoke, “I ran into this unicorn expert once, and he said that the place was likely built by alicorns well before recorded history.”

“Indeed, and as all things before recorded history, such a statement was the fault of misconception.”

“Then just what is the big deal about these places and the flames? If it isn't alicorn technology...” Rainbow Dash suddenly froze, her ruby eyes lighting up with a burst of truth.

Whitemane must have seen it, for the Queen was turning around to smile proudly upon the petite pegasus. “Did I not tell you that the world was discovered and not created?”

Rainbow Dash numbly nodded.

“Dear child,” The alicorn knelt down and stared intently into Rainbow Dash. “The Mare in the Moon has been redeemed. The bringer of Chaos has returned and was subsequently banished. And yet these events—as amazing as they are—do not serve as much importance to our day and age as what is about to happen. The control chambers of the world remain to be rediscovered, and within them the flames of destiny lie in wait. You must understand, when my ancestors discovered this flat world floating in chaotic space, they realized it was not a landscape...”

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