• Published 13th May 2012
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Austraeoh - Imploding Colon

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Rainbow Dash was seated on her haunches, gnashing her teeth beneath a clenched pair of eyes. She twitched and convulsed as a mist of white powder and ash settled in a loose cloud before her. The atmosphere above was still tempestuous, swirling like a cyclone over the ruptured Town Square.

A figure was a few meters away. Hugging his knees to his chest, Spike rocked back and forth, his green eye-slits brimming with tears. He heaved and shuddered, bordering on the crest of hyperventilation. A golden pendant with a ruby lightning bolt rattled around his neck as he turned to look at Rainbow Dash.

She was quivering, shaking, spasming all over. Finally, when the pressure reached a breaking point, she tilted her muzzle to the sky and wailed.


She fell to the earth, pounding it with her hoof, repeating her scream in howling bursts as she tore bits of grass and soil asunder. She finished, finally, panting and sobbing into the skin of the sundered world.

The wind finally settled, and the landscape transformed behind them. It was as if rivulets of invisible magic curtains were undulating away from the center. Floating islands and sporadic clumps of geographic phenomena rejoined the smooth surface of the earth. Soon, Canterlot and Cloudsdale came into focus in the grand distance.

Breathless now, Rainbow Dash looked up. Her face was drenched in moisture. She threw one forelimb before the other and pulled herself forward, crawling in an anguished slump. She slithered past Spike, momentarily apathetic to his own sobs. She drew herself past jagged clumps of rock and stone. Finally, she came upon a pile of ash. Beside it, flecks of orange, green and red filaments were dissolving like raindrops.

She sat before the white mound of dust. She stared into it. Her face contorted. Her eyes rolled back in her head. In a quiet whimper, she fell into the mess, grabbing at the windblown lengths of it, clasping nothing but her own tears. The world drew silent around her, echoing with the sound of her muted sobs.

A sudden breeze lifted, followed by the sound hoofprints. Sniffling, she looked up. Her jaw dropped.

A figure was marching towards her with wings brilliantly outstretched and a horn shimmering with the gentle kiss of starlight. The first and only thing to come into focus was a pair of eyes—piercing aqua blue—and they hovered above Rainbow Dash like twin moons, framing a sweet and loving smile.

“Oh, blessed child. You search and you search, but will you ever find peace?” She leaned down and nuzzled the sobbing pegasus and lulled her with a warm breath. “You are not here anymore, Rainbow Dash.”

The pegasus blinked at her. Then she winced. Her eyes twitched, flickered red on yellow, then caught fire. Rainbow Dash fell back and clutcher her skull. Her screams weren't enough to stop her forehead from bursting open in a flash of darkness.

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